Vienna Acoustics Haydn Grand?


Im wondering how many folks here have either audtioned or
own th newer version of the Vienna Acoustics Haydn Grand
Im wondering if they really are far superior to the original
Haydns as the manufacturer claims?
I would certain appreicate all your opinions!

Im looking for a high end monitor in the $1000-1400 price
range that is finished in real wood veneer all around.
I think the Haydns are quite stunning in their looks and
build quality. Do you know of any other monitor that can
come close to the Haydns?
Thank You
Although I've heard some of the larger Vienna Acoustics speakes, I have not heard the Haydns. Thought the larger speakers were quite nice and looked seriously at the Bachs. That being said, you should definitely look at Totem monitors. I owned the Model 1s and found them to be real winners at the used price. The only problem the Model 1 has is it makes you want to try their larger models. Good luck.
I, too, am taken by their looks and build quality, especially in the brown cherry. They are like fine furniture.

I talked to the importer recently about them and he said the new Grands are more open and dynamic while retaining the original's warmness and musicality. There is a dealer near me and I intend to give a listen ASAP. Want to compare them to the similarly priced SF Concertino Domus. I'd like to bring the Hadyns home for a couple days and will let you know what I find.
I have it for a week, and it is f***** awesome deal! i get it brand new boxed for just 550 euros ( sorry folks, we live nearby Austria), and it is sweeatest deal i have ever have. the looks are fantastic, and you have feeling you'be bought a nice piece of furniture ( mine is in cherry finish).

and the sound. i have not a chance to hear previous model, but Haydn Grand has verry pronounced and airy top end, along with tight bass. midrange is quite magical,and sounstage is immpresive. manual stated how chage of sound is noticed after 30 hours and full potential after 100 hours, so it is not even break in and they alredy sound fantastic.

i was wondering about new position of bass reflex port , which is on the sides of tweeter, but it has no any negative influnce on the sound,even at high volumes.
i think you can't go wrong with this, they look gorgeous, sounds fantastic, and i think you should go much deeper into your wallet to find anything better than this for a bookshelf speaker.

friend of mine brought Monitor Audio B2 to compare, and for a price MA is a pretty good but it was knocked down in the first round by Vienna's. MA has smaller scale, lack the intimacy of Haydn, and lost some fine details.

but, since they're not harsh or bright or such, it is very honest speaker and as such it will be slightly hard on bad recordings so forget your MP3's with these babies! they deserve the best you can, either electronics or CDs, LPs and so on...
I listened to the Haydn Grand's last Fall. I was looking for a warmer sound than the Paradigm Studio 40 v.3's I have. They certainly are smoother than the Paradigm's. Then the Focus line from Dynaudio came out. I finally got to a dealer today to listen to the 140's. They are considerably better than the Haydn's- imaging, detail, bass. They are a very fine speaker. I bought a pair of the 140's. I should get them in about a week. They are more than the haydn's in price. The Focus 110's are closer to the price of the Haydn's and I think they have the edge. they are definitely worth an audition.
fantastic speakes.. i hvae the haydyn's in black and they are beautuful and solid
The Haydn Grands' extraordinary imaging, delightfully open and natural sound continues to blow me away. I highly, highly recommend them.
i auditioned a pair at an audio dealer, accompanied by mcintosh electronics.

at first they were mounted on stands. i listened and i observed very audible cabinet colorations. i then suggested placing the speakers on top of a pair of column speakers, which positioned the tweeter about one foot over my ear.

at that point, the cabinet colorations were significantly ameliorated.

the salesperson suggested i try them in my own system, but i chose not to do so.

as far as other aspects of performance, i didn't notice any warmth, but i didn't notice any frequency imbalances either.