Acoustic Solid Related to Acoustic Signature?

Anyone know the relationship between these German 'table manufacturers. At a glance, their lines seem - model for model - awfully similar.
Dear Martykl: Acoustic Solid was the starting TT manufacturer, the original partners had some problems and they split in two companies and here born Acoustic Signature.

Btw, great TTs.

regards and enjoy the music.
A local audio dealer recently told me Acoustic Solid was the original company, partners split and stole the designs for the Acoustic Signature models.
Thanks for clarifying. Any opinion as to which company better executes the designs?
I didn't have much luck with my Acoustic Solid One. I upgraded the motor to Redpoint and that didn't have much synergy either.

I have switched to a Garrard 301 on a skeletal plinth I commissioned and couldn't be happier with the change from massive belt drive to vintage idler wheel. YMMV.
Dear Martykl : I own two AS and never had any problem. Great TTs!!!!

Regards and enjoy the music.
I have an Acoustic Signature Mambo and I'm very happy with the perfromance and value. The prodcut is very well made and works flawlessley.

Gunther at Acoustic Signtaure is a pleasure to work with if you have any questions.

Raul Re: Your "AS" 'Table

As it was unclear from your response, I checked your system link to see whether your "AS" table was a Signature or Solid. Now it's clear. It's also clear that you have an amazing collection of tonearms!

Enjoy them.

Dear Marty: You are welcome!!!

Regards and enjoy the music.
I purchased (at a big discount) a used demo Acoustic solid Transparent (their entry model) for my son as a first TT. It easily beat TT's like the Rega Planar 3 which would sell at a similar price used to what I paid. The table came with an unmodded Rega 2 arm. The heavy aluminum platter is rock solid and provides an excellent sense of timing, good on pitch transients with piano notes and nice bass. The table has an excellent bearing assembly (see their web site) Of course since it is an unsuspended design it needs a good base for setup. I also noted that the motor seems to run quite hot after playing a half dozen LP's or so but it didn't seem to affect performance. Overall, I really liked this TT compared to my Michelle Gyro SE but the manufacturer and dealer support seemed somewhat lacking. I emailed both several times with questions and have yet to get any response. Because of this, I would look at the Acoustic Signature line carefully before buying an Acoustic Solid.
As we followed this discussion for some time now we would make a short statement to that. Acoustic Signature is out in the market for 10 years now started 1997. The other brand showed up 2 years later.