Acoustic Energy Aegis One Speakers.

Acoustic Energy Aegis One Speakers. How Do they Sound? I just purchased a new pair and out of the box they sound really bad, Over-Bright, Grainy and Hard sounding. Any Members have any idea why the sound that way? Do they need time for break-in? The Amp i'm using is a Luxman LV-105 intergrated tube-Solid State, PS Audio CD1 CD Player,Monster 400 interconnects, and Radio Shack 16ga. Speaker cable. THANKS!!!
Try giving them at least 100 hours depending on how high the volume is. I would not play them at high volume for the first 200 hours or so. I have listened to them in the shops quite a few times and like them myself, great speakers at their price point and beyond.
Im listening to a pair right now in my office system. Smooth, grain-free and a little rolled off. Definitely not bright. Didnt need much breaking in either. Id suggest losing the Monster ic and RS speaker cable. Dont need to spend a lot of money. The Radio Shack audio/video cables are fine as interconnects, though of course you can do better for a lot more money (yellow and white color coded and thick, in a white package, number something-1504, not the red and white thinner audio cables). A lot of people swear by Sound King or Carol 12 gauge, but depending on length, the RS 18 gauge solid core hook up wire is also ok. Again, you can do better by spending more money but I doubt you want to spend more money than you have in the speakers themselves.
those RS interconnects are 8mm, black, with little yellow and white rings on the end and come in a white package. If you try them, be very careful about mounting them on your amp. The connectors are very tight.
I used the Analysis Plus Oval 9 and the Pathos Classis One to much success. I placed the system in my bedroom about 6 to 8 inches from the wall with no toe-in. A region of bass (real bass) heavy material shortly came up and literally scared me as I was reading. The speakers can sound quite good when paired with the right gear and positioned just about 6 - 8 inches from a rear wall (rear of the speakers) for bass reinforcement. Happy listening Regards, Mike
My son has these for his H.T. and complained they sounded the way you talked about ,but after a few 100 hours or so they really sing, lose the wire, get some D.H.Labs T-14`s and they will do much better
I have a pair hooked up to a Kora Mercury 40 watt tube integrated with Analysis Plus Oval 12 cable and the sound is incredible for the price. Can't believe a $300 speaker can sound this good. Soundstage is excellent with no harshness and little grain. They can sound just a touch on the bright side with solid state electronics but hey, that's solid state.
Hey Guys, Thanks for all the help. I'm going to try some new cables, interconnects and the 100 hour break-in time. THANKS!!!
Lpsforever: You may want to look into the Mapleshade Clearview Golden Helix speaker cable and their less expensive IC's as well. The speaker cable is $85.00/8ft pair or $115.00/12ft pair and the IC is $65.00. I use their more expensive digital IC and it is a steal at it's asking price, very musical cable. The cables are somewhat delicate but this should not be a problem with most installations. You can check out the line at and they have a 30 day return policy.
I am experiencing the same brightness and slight graininess with my brand new Aegis One speakers. I will let them break in for 100 hours and report back. I am using silver cables from Tributaries and was wondering if copper might be better?