Acoustic Energy AE2...opinions?

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Heard them at a friends place,first impression it offers a much larger protrait than the monitor size,soundstaging was very large and wide,a tad shallow on depth but I think it was due to his placement(3'out)rather than the speaker itself,he had AE stands(a must) which is very critical with these speakers.Vocals was amazingly clean with a touch of air,strings was tight and crisp,not a very bass friendly transducers though,seem to get abit muddy below 40 cycles.Overall a very pleasant experience.One thing I notice these speakers luv tube amplifications especially the French luvies(Jadia JA mono blocks)..
I own the Acoustic Energy AE1 Signatures. I've heard the AE2 also. The AE1's image better, with a deeper soundstage, and slightly better seperation between instruments. The AE2 have deeper and better controlled base, with the AE1's slightly flabby in the nether regions. When it comes to midrange magic, or dynamics, these speakers compare to almost anything at any price. Many audiophiles consider the AE1 signatures one of the top 10 moniters ever made, and they made Stereophiles 100 most important audiophile products of all time list.
As you can tell......I love em

dudeaudio how does the orginial AE1 compares to the AE1 signatures?....would you know the blue book value of the orginial AE1?..thanks
Hey Bmwhaus
I've owned both. I sold my AE1's MKII for $700US, but there was marks and scratches on them. Undamaged I could have gotten $1000-$1100us easy. The AE1's gave you about 85-90% of the AE1 Signatures, The differences were the Sigs were a little more transparent, and had slightly better dynamics. These speakers indeed sound best with tubes. Most solid state amps will sound thin/digital/ bright as these are very fast and very revealing speakers, with the treble sounding bright and fatiguing in the wrong system. The base is ever so gently humped around 80hz-120hz by about 3-5db's so pick other components that arent 'fat' in the bottem end. Hope this helps

I would definitely agree Acoustic Energy AE1 and AE2 sound "better" with tube amplifications...I truly think the Jadis Defy 7 adds the extra magic to these wonderful monitors.