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Name 3 classic mini-monitors worth keeping- Why?
Celestion SL6 are really good monitors but needs power.Sensitivity is like 82db so you need at least 100watt amp to drive these.One of the few  monitors that sounds better as it ages. 
Manley snapper vs Atma-sphere M60
I agree...there a few amps I heard that sounded so nice.Like JaFox  mentioned the Cat JL series,Jadis JA series and the Atma Sphere M60.Cheapest in price is the M60 though and I could live with those for long time. 
Do speaker cables need a burn in period?
100% believe that any new audio equipment needs some hours to settle into its "groove" before sounding its best.Same as new cars dealers tells you to keep it simple for xxx amount of km then you can open it up.Yes Im comparing mechnical to electri... 
Manley snapper vs Atma-sphere M60
Love the M60...had a chance to listen to them at local audiophile place and it sound so nice.He also said its was his favorite amp and coming from him who been in audio for 40 years and was a musician I agree with his opinion. 
Magnum Dynalab FT-R
LOL I thought the item was defective but when it came out it was "cutting" edge.... 
Magnum Dynalab FT-R
Stereo5 thanks..I talked to them and it does suppose to click.. 
vpi tnt still a performer?
"the thread needs to be changed out every 40  records"..My friend never had to change the thread out every 40 records.Last time I talked to him hes never changed anything for over a year of constant playing of records.The guy is a vinyl lover also... 
Need a warm speaker for a bright room
I agree Castle Trents is a stunning monitor that didnt get the exposure that other monitors got,a true gem of a speaker,mid range was magical. 
Acoustic Energy AE2...opinions?
I would definitely agree Acoustic Energy AE1 and AE2 sound "better" with tube amplifications...I truly think the Jadis Defy 7 adds the extra magic to these wonderful monitors. 
Gallo vs. Quads ESL 57
Two different speakers here.Quads need space and right equipment to make it shine but the Gallos are great for small forgiving rooms.You cant say Gallos are crap when 6 respected magazines love them. 
What tube amps for the Quad ELS 63
I use the Audio Research classic 60 with great results and also the Jadis Defy7 and of course the Quad II's 
The best speaker you ever heard?
Quad ESL 63 and the 989's...but you need a large room to fully enjoy these magical speakers. 
question for Gallo Ref owners
Im also thinking about combining the DK Design VS1 MK.2 with the Gallo's reference 3.1..I heard the Gallos and they sound terrific running off some Tube mono blocks,I never heard the DK Design VS1 MK.2 personally but what I read and was told this ... 
What's The Best Blooming Tube Amp?
yeah I second the Audio Research classic series has probably the best bloom and flesh out qualities of any amps I owned...base control was the weakest point and the fact it didnt have the deep base for home theater set ups was the only reason I so... 
CC speaker for AE2's?
Sonus Fabers makes a wonderful center speaker,,,wouldnt you be better off going to a full range dynamic speakers instead of the AE2's?...the Velodyne signature is a little too quick for the AE's even with a dedecated cross over..the AE2 are a wond...