acoustat X

I am new to this forum. we inherited 2 Acoustat X model speakers. Do not know anything about them. We live in St. Louis. Is there a shop or collector who might be available for a consult?

Ed Pennington
What are you wanting to know?
Ed, if you are able to call I'll put you in touch with a friend who can help.
That is a blast from the past! I use to have Acoustat in the mid 60s; at least one pre and an amp I built from a kit. They carried the Xs at Allied Radio, which I use to frequent. They had a built in amp if I remember. Should still be a good speaker but anticipate some expense in bringing them up to running condition unless you are very lucky. Remember that a powered full range electrostat costs north of $10,000 these days; often way north. Worth putting some money into if you can find someone who can do the work.
I can call. My phone is 314 258 2051

In response to Mr. tpreaves-

would like to find someone who could determine if they re operational and render an opinion of value.

Hi Ed,
Thanks for the call. I hope Frank is able to help you out. He's a great guy.

Hello Ed,

Just found this post, and was wondering what you have done with the model X's?  I'm from STL and just moved when you posted this. I still have mine. ;)