Acoustat repair or rebuild in Texas???

Does anyone know where I might get a pair of
Acoustat 2+2's repaired in TX??
I love the way they sound, but there is a slight
buzz or rattle in one speaker at times. It is coming from
a spot where the wooden frame seems to be broke or cracked?

Anyway, they are tolerable for now and sound pretty
awesome, but I know the buzz is there and can't live with
it long term.

Does anyone know of a repair shop or individual in Texas
who can work on these?

Help would be much appreciated!
Just a thought, but it is easy. A close inspection might reveal the problem. Take a flashlight and shine it through from the back. See if both speakers have similar vertical strips glued on the plastic grid. Mine had lost one in shipping and this caused a rattle during loud passages. A little contact glue and it was good as new.
If a frame is cracked or broken I would remove the socks and see if there was a difference between the two sides as far as attachment to the panel or any damage to same.

Thanks for the reply! I can see something with a flashlight
from the back at that exact spot that looks like
something pulling away from that vertical strip, but cannot
tell exactly whats going on. I guess I will have to
unbolt the transformers to get the socks off??
Also, I know the panels are charged, any idea of how to
discharge them?? (maybe stick my tongue on them?? :o)
or wait for a period?

Thanks again!
Unplug the speakers and allow them to discharge for 24 hours before you touch anything that might be part of the circuit. High voltage can kill you!!!!
You can take the metal plate off the top of the speaker (not the base where the power supply is but the actual top of the 7.5 ft. speaker) by removing the eight or ten screws. Then use a thin screwdriver to pry off the staples which hold the cloth to the wood. Then roll the fabric down as you would a sock being careful to keep your fingers out of the electrical works. Carefully compare the two speakers to see what may be amiss. You may Email me at if you want to have further instructions, but this should get you started.
Did you solve your problem yet? Freeman Tuell in Dallas, 214.324.1132 would be my place to start. Good Luck.
You also need to look for flaking glue. I had a pair years ago and the fix for the buzz was to remove the socks and blow out the area.