Acoustat Grille replacement

I have seen many post on the forum from Acoustat owners that have had grilles made "by that little old lady in Arizona". Who is she and can anybody provide contact information? I have 2 pair of 2 + 2s that I want to have new grilles made for. Any help would be appreciated.
I believe it's called the Upholstery Shop in Arizona. Most of the replacement sock sets run about $130.00 shipped.
Below is a link to there web page:
Yes. I know somebody who used them. They looked as good as new.
The co. is The Upholstry Co. in Meza, AZ email them at
FYI I bought a pair of socks for the 2+2 in 2003 or so. Perfect fit, easy install, nice folks. Prepare to remove about a million staples on the old socks. About $130 as stated.
If you have the BEIGE (light color, tan ) "socks"
on your Acoustats they will clean up spectacularly
...right on the speaker..... without removing them.
Of course if they are ripped or torn this can't help them.


1. First, buy at the drugstore several bottles of
Hydrogen Peroxide 3 percent.
The stuff in the brown bottle that is sold
on the same shelf as rubbing alcohol.
3 percent only, do not use stronger type.

2. Unplug your Acoustat speakers from AC power overnight.

3. Using a new sponge, wet your grille cloth thoroughly
start by doing the entire back of the speaker's cloth area,
Then do the sides, and then the entire front area.

You cannot hurt the panels or frames of the speakers !

Use the 3 % solution, full strength, DO NOT DILUTE.
And do not rinse off.

Allow the cloth to dry for a few days,
if necessary, before reconnecting
the speakers to AC Power.

The results are spectacular as the cloth will return to
it's original color. If you are worried about the
results you will have, I suggest doing only the back
(rear) section of each speaker first, so you
can see how you like it.

Posted 01/14/2008 by :
Roy A. Esposito
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This makes good sense. YOu could also use a spray bottle. When I owned mine I removed the cloths all together. I liked the industrial look, and it removed a vail.
Yes you can get the original socks from this place or if you wish material only and sew them yourself. ( not worth the trouble )