Accustic Arts, Ensemble, KAS Any recommendations?

Anybody using and had a chance to compare these interconnects? What could I expect?
Accustic Arts 'Silverline'
Ensemble 'Masterflux'
KAS 'Maestro'
Prices are all about the same. Currently using Accustic Arts speaker cables with excellent results. A big step over Cardas Crosslink. Time to replace the Crosslink ic.
System: Audio Aero Prima amp and cdp, Kinima g1 speakers and Van den Hul power cords. Any help would be appreciated and thanks.
OK, if anything goes, then the Masterflux is the only one I know. In a few words, dimension, quickness, definition and purity. My notes from the first listening sesion: diminished digital artifacts. Female voice rounder and more three-dimensional. I hadn't noticed before, but the music had been layered and flat-sounding, like a Disney cartoon background. Harmonies and timbres became more subtle and relaxing, and the music made more sense. This is not a small difference. There is not a different sound, there is more music.