Accuphase E408, E407 or E530 ?

Hi, my system consist of Sonus Faber Concerto speaker, Marantz SA15-S1 SACD player & I am using a old vintage Accuphase E206 integrated amp.

I would like to upgrade my E206 to a higher model integrated amplifer. I am thinking about the above models.
Any advise ?

I thought of going from integrated to pre-power but I think an integrated should work as well as a pre-power amp.

I am using Elco HPC-10SP power cord & Crystal Clear Audio Studio Reference RCA interconnect for my SACD player .

I thought of getting the E408 ( S$6250 in Singapore here ) but comparing it to the E407, I can't really see a difference. Is it worth while ?

E530 is a class A 30 Watts amp. As compared to E408, the sound should be much warmer but is 30 Watts too little.

I am intending to upgrade to a floorstanding speaker down the road ( eyeing on the JM Lab Utopia Be model ). No intention to upgrade to electrostatic speaker & will keep to box speaker.

I like all kind of music/song but not into heavy metal rock.

Thanks in advance.

Don't worry about the power of the E530 unless you have inefficient speakers or a very large room.

My 34watt Sugden, Class-A amp runs my B&W 805s with ease, supposedly a "power hungry" loudspeaker.

The E530 is one of the best integrated out there, I believe.
You will have no regrets if you purchase this unit.
Jeremy, of the models you list I've only heard the 407, and IMHO it's a great amp.
The new one 408 (it replaced the 407) it's more complex design in terms of topology.
The 530 is a class A amp, and uses Mosfet transistors, it should have a diferent sonority, as you say warmer.
One of the great things of Accuphase amp is that he plays all kinds of music, not only classical or jazz.
Power can be an issue, because of the music you listen, how you listen, the size of the room and your speakers, then you should consider the amp with the higher power rating.
Whatever your choice, you will be a very happy customer.
I had just went down to Accuphase dealer. They are clearing out their E530 at a special price of S$6500. As compare to the price of E408, its just S$250 more. Now, I really don't know which one to buy ???

The size of my living room is 4.15 m X 4 m.

Buy the E530. You will own a special piece of equipment.
no 30 watt 'a' for fabers....lots of power is the thing. your 206 is a highly sought after classic. why upgrsde to the newer 'not much bang for the buck' stuff. its prettier but it doesn't smoke the oldies

My room to quite a bit larger than yours and my Sugden 34watt Class A amp powers my 805s and my Sonus Faber Cremonas with ease.
Last week I took my amp and listened to the 803Ds and it played at house shaking levels.
Have not had the volume control past 9oclock position and I like loud music.

The E530 is more expensive for a reason. I was told that because of the design, the highest quality components are used. Rolls Royce quality capacitors etc. They just cost more.

I was very skeptical of the low power rating to so I humped my "power hungry" N805s to the Accuphase dealer, hooked up the E407 and E530. No lack of power, probably more slam from the Class A amp.

I ended up purchasing with the Suden Masterclass, since the local Accuphase Dealer was a dickhead.

Below is a copy of a corespondence from Accuphase when I questioned them about matching the E530 with the Sonus Fabers:

"You do not need to pay special attention to speaker impedance, since the E-530 has an excellent drivability to low-impedance speakers amazingly down to 1-Ohm. My personal opinion, in terms of sound characteristics, as the Cremona shows beautiful musicality, transparent, dynamic and vivid sound, it is much of an excellent companion for the E-530."


I re-read your post and see you are in Singapore.
Talk with Maurice at Atlas Hi Fi.

I'm in Bangkok, if you care to hear my system sometime.
Thanks for your advice. I will go down & listen between the E408 & E530 one of these day.

I heard that the E530 sound is not so bassy ( no bass ? )as compared to the E408.

Now I had a second hand offer of E408 at S$5200 from Maurice's recommendation.

Thanks again.
The only question is "is it worthwhile spending S$6500 on just an integrated amp ?"

With S$6500, I could easily get a 2nd hand pre-power. The sound should be better ( I presumed ) than an integrated.

What do u think ?
At last, I got the E530.

I audit the E408 & E530, the E530 sound is much cleaner & refined. The smooth, warm & extended soundstage is much better than the E408.

I heard the E408 & E530 driving the BMW 802D with ease.

Amp will only arrive at this Friday.
At last, it's here the Accuphase E530 integrated amp.

Wow, the packaging is first class. Accuphase really treat this baby well. The amp was covered with a cloth. Surprise that all the RCA connectors are provided with caps which I don't see it in any other equipment.

The remote is metallic. The weight of the machine is 28 Kg.
Really take me a while to setup.

Now is the listening test. As compared to my E206, cannot compared. Its totally a different class. The E530 after 15 minutes of warm-up had everything. The sound is so sweet, soundstage is really opened & lifeful. Its like the singer is singing infront of u. Bass is smooth. Its not rough. Its very pleasing. The detail is fanastic. U can really hear everything clearly as whatever that is record in the disc ( what I mean that the small detail is clearer ).

The machine feel warm. U can feel the warmness above 20 cm on top the cover but its not hot & u can still touch the cover.

Anyway, its really very good. A very great improvement in my sound. In term of detail, dynamic, bass, clarity, focus. Its had everything. The build quality is fanastic. This is what I mean hi-end. This amp can easily beat any of the pre-power outside easily.

Now, maybe I should think about upgrading my cable. Any recommendation ?

Thanks for reading.

Glad you went with the E530. Now you won't be second guessing the decision.
Awesome 30 watts. So it powered the 802s?
My B&W805 Signatures loved the amp.

No, it powered my SF Concerto, should be more than sufficient.

Thinking of upgrading my speaker ( JM Lab Diva Be ? )down the road.

Ever heard this amp driving the 802D at showroom. Its amazing. Comparing it to E408 driving 802D. No doubt that the E408 can give u a lot of punch on the bass but its still no match compared to the E530 in term of sweetness, detail & clarity when driving the 802D. Its much much better.

U will noticed that the 802D when driven by the E408 sound confused ( separation of sound is not clear ).

If you can, take the amp and test out the Pro-ac D38.
The 803D also would be a nice move up.
Is it too big for my room ?

Proac is also a good speaker but I find that the speaker is too warm. Also did not heard anything about the company development recently ( no new model announced ).

What do u think of the JM Lab Utopia BE sound as compared to the BMW Diamond series ? A lot of debate on this 2 speakers.

I recently visited Jay Audio ( dealer for JM Lab ). He told me a number of his sonus faber & BMW customer is switching to the new JM Lab new Utopia BE speaker models & feeling very happy .

Any opinion ?
Congratulations on your new Accuphase, the E530 is a jewel.
Beeing a Class A design it will run hotter than a class AB design like the E408.
Concerning your new speaker dilemma I will give you my opinion. SF are one of the most coloured speakers, some like it that way, some dont; Proac allways had a strange treble for me and never seemed easy to install in a room (never heard the D38).
The JM lab Diva Be is a good speaker and it might work with your system. For this price point there are numerous models that are worth an audition, try hearing the Audio Physics Avanti III and the Marten Design Miles II.
Thanks for your advise. I will audit them later.
Has anyone heard the E530 with a set of Audio Physic Virgo II speakers? I'm looking for a synergistic match for my Virgos and have never heard the Accuphase integrateds.

Hello Gregg, I've heard a system with an Accuphase E407 and the Audio Physics Virgo III.
I cant say that this combo is a match made in heaven, there is moore variables in
place (like personal preferences or my frieds CEC transport, wich he doesnt like), but
the sound was very impressive - Big, dynamic, realistic timbres, excellent soundstage
and focus (it's an AP!).......
I would love to have is amp and speakers, maybe some day. But that's me.
Hi all,Im thinking of buying an E530,at the moment Im using an E202 which is very good. has any one listened to both,
many thanks,
Hi everyone,im running an E530 with a pair of focal jm-lab electra 927be.They sound fabulous and the amp keeps the chill off the room in winter!
The only thing that makes me scratch my head about accuphase are the unnecessary extras like tone controls,loudness button and the meters.Surely the amp would be cheaper to make without these.
Maybe i'm being a bit fussy,dont get me wrong,this is the best amp ive ever owned.
Try and listen to Harbeths, either C-7s, HL5s, or M40s if they are in your budget.

My name is Eric and I am from Sweden.I am interesting in the Accuphase E 408.As I read in your forum I was owerwelmed of the reasonable prices in Singapore.Is Singapore the cheapest place in Asia and can you recommend a good Accuphase dealer in Singapore.Do you have prices for Accuphase cd/sacd players in Singapore dollars to.

Best regards

Eric Hernvall
Sorry to butt in. There are so many Accuphase models in the integrated line. Apart from different power ratings, can anyone rate the following amps in chronological order from good to very good sound?


Thanks in advance.