Absolute Power Cord

I`ve recently seen an ad on audiogon for absolute power cords. has anyone tried these cords and what is your impression of them. are they any good ? and can anyone recommend them.
Whole novels have been written on the subject. Use the search mode in "Discussion forum" and enter "Absolute Power Cord". You will find more than you ever wanted to know!!!!!
Fleeceba: Yes, for $50 a pop pick one up and give it a try. I use one on a Pioneer W839 CDR and on my Audion amp in the living room system. They are not in the same league as the the BMI Whale PC's that I use on the source components, but they are as good as any under $200 PC that I have yet tried. They require 200 hours minimum of break in to reach their full potential, but start to sound pretty good at around 50 hours or so, when the bass kicks in. The additional time brings out detail and smooths the highs. I use them on the "budgetary" weak links in both of our systems as I cannot afford BMI PC's all around at this time. They seem to work well in a wide variety of applications and the sound is open and detailed, yet smooth.
"Smooth", as D-K notes, is also the result on my second CD trans+DAC. I don't seem to be suffering from loss of dynamics, either. For $50, they're a very reasonable allrounder.
Thank`s for the info on this cord. I ordered one yesterday and i`ll give it a try. it sounds like with all the other high priced crap out there this cords a bargain.
You are welcome Fleeceba. A friend of mine just ordered one for his CD player and I offered to buy it from him if he does not feel that it is a "major" upgrade from the stock PC he is using. Not really that generous of an offer as I would like to have at least a couple more for a 3rd system that I plan on putting together this summer from odds and ends for our bedroom.