A/V Receiver or Separates

I'm interested in handling audio...video is handled by universal player and tv. Looking to buy second-hand. Need to have 5 to 7 channels, phono amp, tuner, and headphone jack. Should I get an a/v receiver or separate pre/pro, amp (and phono amp/headphone jack)?

Looking to spend about $1500 (including shipping).
Have been seeing Lexicon RV8 (A/V receiver) and Lexicon MC8 (pre/pro).

I'd appreciate any thoughts you might have.
Do you have a multi-channel amplifier? If so, then a processor would be the logical choice.

Having had both types of systems, I find that a receiver is perfect for my A/V needs. It's cheaper, consumes less space, has excellent video processing and sounds great, however I am not nearly as critical in my A/V listening as I am to 2-channel music.

If you use the system for 2-channel listening as well, then separates may be a better choice.

I tried using a single system for both audio and A/V needs and never found myself completely satisfied. I replaced it with a better 2-channel system and a cheaper receiver based system for A/V duties.

For me, this was the correct choice.

Only you know what you are looking for out of this system so only you can answer the question.
you can use receiver for movies and separates for music with HT bypass.
Thanks for the input. I do not have a multi channel amp...yet.
I also am looking for a good 2 channel listening experience. Would I gain anything by having separates that did both multi channel and 2 channel vs a receiver? or will I not be satisfied until I get the better 2 channel system?
If you are interested in a good 2 channel listening
experience, then stay away from an AVR and even separate HT
pre/pros. These types of components are designed and built
for digital, multi channel reproduction and the stereo pre-
amp sections in them, even in so called "Pure
Direct" mode are an after thought.

After a ten plus year affair with the HT mistress and always
being left unsatisfied, I rediscovered my 2 channel roots
and couldn't be happier. And I had some flagship AVR's and
even Parasound HT separates which IMO, were not suitable for
stereo music.

Here is what I did to save space and still have one
installation...Got a high quality 2 channel integrated amp
with a HT Bypass feature. It always powers my L/R Mains. I
use its internal pre-amp for all vinyl & cd playing as these
sources are plugged directly into the integrated. So in
essence, its a 2 channel system. But when I listen to
multi-channel (movie or concert), the integrated acts as
just a power amp with the press of a button. Multi-channel
sources are then controlled by an AVR which also powers just
the center and surrounds. Just make sure the integrated has
an HT Bypass feasture and of course, the AVR need pre-outs.
If you just listen to Rock a AVR is all you need, for acoustic music esp. jazz and classical ,separates.
I bought a Lexicon RV 8 AV receiver.
WOW! it has made an incredible difference in everything from LPs to SACDs and TV listening.
I've never heard anything like it. It's like 2 lbs of cotton have been removed from my ears. The sound is clear as a bell, not fatiguing. Great separation.
Couldn't be happier.