A Testimonial to a World-Class Craftsman

The most precious asset in audio is �Trust� and I would literally bet my life on Steve Huntley, President of Great Northern Sound Company. Steve redefines the meaning of �Trust� in audio. He also redefines the meaning of �Genius�.

Like every audiophile, I take the performance of my audio equipment personally. Modifications to my equipment must yield exemplary results! Steve has worked on 3 modifications to my equipment. These include the Reference and Statement Upgrades to my Wadia 860X and an upgrade to my BAT VK500 amp (Reviews forthcoming). Over the months, he has transformed my system�s soundstage from �great� into the 3-Dimensional re-Creation of the original event in the original venue - Aural and visual sensitivity that makes one weep. He possesses a heightened audio pallette and the expertise to pull it from your electronics.

I strongly recommend Steve Huntley, President of Great Northern Sound Company, to any and all audiophiles considering an upgrade to their equipment � Amp, preamp, CD player, transport or DAC. If you want to get the very best performance out of your gear, call Steve. He is THAT good! If you have any questions about this testimonial, Email me. Please!
While I cannot share your purchase experience, I did speak to Steve earlier today and can verify his pleasant and courteous manner.

I could not help but think I had known him for several years, even though we spent less than twenty minutes on the phone.

Perhaps I was influenced by our mutual agreement of performance on several pieces of equipment being discussed.

He has a solid understanding of equipment design and a vast amount of experience judging from his comments. If that translates into superior mods, with superior musical ability I hope to be able to apply his craftsmanship to my system some day.

I encourage one and all to talk to Steve before spending another Audiophile dollar on new or used equipment. Steve has the ability to improve certain gear to the extreme levels referred to in a buff magazine's best reviews.

Don't waste another dime........