Soundcraftsman amps anyone????

I used to have their 5002 class H amp. 250 watts. Never ran hot. Reliable. Had a mod done in 91 or 92. Was much smoother and cleaner after that. I regret I sold it here in 2006. There are very few Soundcraftsman sold here or on ebay. Maybe it was a small company that did not turn out many units. I drove a pair of hard to drive OHM I speakers (rated at 1000 watts max) with ease. Anyone want to comment about hierarchy in the 80's audio chain, as compared to Nikko, Adcom, Hafler, Heathkit, Rotel etc.?? I had a Nikko alpha 220 (120 watts) and the Soundcraftsman was clearer and smoother.
I had a 2502 amp and dx4000 pre-amp with an AE-2000 back in the 80's during the collage years. Just sold the AE-2000 a few years back. Kind of miss that piece Nice system and very flexible. I had always wanted a DDR1200 amp but couldn't afford one at that time.

I liked the 2502 amp a lot. Always had plenty of power and headroom but a little on the dark side. I had been thinking of getting a 5002 and have modds done to use it as a sub amp. Very under rated amplifier

I always thought the PCR 800 and anything after that was junk

Stick with an A5002 or DDR-1200 lots of power and reliable. Great mod candidate
I purchased the A 200 back in "93" It was my first separate system, and drove my Maggie 2.6. Although I have switched to tubes my A 200 is still kicking and is part of my "whole house" system. It powers my deck speakers (Sonance) with ease. As a matter of fact it is probably overkill for those speakers but the sure sound great with a cold brew after 18 holes.
Don't know about their power amps but I remember JHG back in the mid 70's giving their PE2217 preamp a rave review which caused me to buy one at Capitol Electronics which was one of the "radio row" survivors down at the World Trade Center area in NYC.

Ah, the good ol' days! It was my first foray into separates. I mated it with a GAS Son of Ampzilla. A good component! I have fond memories of Soundcraftsmen.
My first amp was a Soundcraftsman PCR 800 which I purchased back in 1982 from Crazy Eddie's (anyone from the N.Y N.J area should be quite familiar with Crazy Eddie's)and was built to handle loads down to 2 ohms with no difficulty and you could actually bridge two of them together with an external adapter for 400 wpc. It has mosfets and actually sounds quite good, almost tube like although it does have a fairly good size fan which could be a little noisy but I never found it be offensive. I still have the amp and the original pre I used with it, a NAD 1020B which I'm currently using right now while my other Pre is being repaired and actually doesn't sound half bad
Yes they were used a lot in cars. We had a small one and it's bigger brother mounted in the saddle bags of our Honda Goldwing GL1500 then the larger one went in the GL1800 later. No one ever had a sound system that sounded like this one did on a motorcycle. Yes my husband Bob is crazy to have done it but he never regretted it. However when we sold the GL1800 we screwed up and left the larger amp in it. Oh well I guess that old guy that bought it and hard of hearing could use it probably. I am not certain but I may still have the smaller amp around. I do have a soundcraftsmen Pro Power Four 200 Watts per side now listing on another site then here.
Had a PE2217 preamp that I used about 10 years from late 70s until late 80s both at home and in a mobile DJ business that helped to keep me fed while in college and beyond. Paired to a Phase Linear 400. The PE2217 was a bit noisy and the PL unreliable but boy could this pairing play loud
Soundcraftsman was decent back in the day, especially for the $$. I still have a PE2217 and PCR800 for the pool area. Fully recapped with 3.5 times the original capacitance values, big sound improvement.