Soundcraftsman MA5002A

A friend of mine has one of these in storage that he's pulled out recently. He purchased it second hand so I don't know if any modifications were made, how can I tell? What's a fair price for this thing? What are the pros & cons?
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I had a pair in my system in the early 90's. It was already old then but sounded great. I would have someone who is qualified check it out before putting it in your system though. As far as modifications are concerned, there should be some pictures on google you can compare it too. Look at bottom & top of course. If they were mine... I'd look at replacing the caps & resistors as they are much better now than when those were built. They really do have the potential of being great tube amps.   
" They really do have the potential of being great tube amps ". Do not understand what this means., as they are Class H, high powered ss amps..…..
Boxer, that's a fine point. Is there anyone qualified specifically to Soundcraftsman anymore? That would be great info & some assurance that it would be a worthwhile purchase
Mr Decible is absolutely correct. I was mixing "Soundcraftsman 500" up with "Radio Craftsman 500". 
I don't know anything about that amp other than a stereo store (Electronic Sound) near me in the 70's sold them. They have been out of business for some time but if you live in Michigan there is a store called Misfitz Audio in Grand Rapids that could check it out for you.