A system under $1k an interesting link


So can anyone top this guys system for a system under $1k?

I think that was a pretty decent package for everything including a tuner, all together for $1k. Surprising for a media type. I thought the part about the Auricaps was very out of the ordinary for something from outside the audiophile magazines.
Good thread KF.
Pretty good try!! But he left no money for cables ($23), so is recommending the plastic junk at Radio Shack. So this system won't sound that good.

He still needs speaker stands. He's putting them on his Bookcase!! Great imaging!!

The tuner connects to the system with an adapter into the headphone jack. Yuk!

He also wants you to change the caps in the amplifier.
Yeh, like how many people are going to do this themselves?
If the caps in the amp need changing, then how good is it?


Ok. Shopping only at Audio Advisor today, except last items.
Includes sale items which is fair for shopping by anyone.

Cambridge Audio A300v2 Amp--------- $250
Pioneer 343 DVD Player
(has excellent Burr Brown DAC)--------- $99
Heybrook HB2 Kevlar Speakers--------- $199
Target FS 24 inch speaker stands--------- $79
Music Hall MMF-1 Turntable------------ $199 (He used $180)
Kimber 4PR Speaker Cables-------------- $62
Wireworld Oasis III Interconnects-------- $36
--------------Subtotal----------------------- $924

"Litte Rat" Phono Stage-------------------- $25
Vintage Kenwood KT5500 tuner (ebay)---$30
--------------Total--------------------------- $979

I have both phono and CD. He was forced to choose only one between the two.
I have stands and good cables; he has neither.
You could also do the add on internal phono stage on the A300 amp instead of the Little Rat.
The vintage tuner will kill his headphone jack tuner.
There is a few bucks left for cables for the tuner.
Straightwire Harmony on sale at AA $18. (Total now $998)
NAD L-40 leftover $350
KEF UniQ-One, B&W 602S111, Triangle, Polk 25i, etc. $300-500
Canare Quad S11 $20
Plateau V23 sand-filled Target-clones 200.
Nice'n easy G-note system I'll probably build for my daughter this summer. Emphasis on easy!
I thought he did a good job introducing a part of hifi to the average joe and jane. His system was fun and practical, but in a George Lucas kinda society, ten-watters may be a questionable for the potential audiophile. The PAL sounds really cool, and the Atoms are okay in my book.
Ok Stand Back !
Luxman 1050 receiver $ 200.00 or upgrade to # 1120
A/d/s 710 loudspeaker s 250.00
Any Thorens TT with cart$ 150.00
Used Kimber Hero $75.00
OMC Monster Speakercable $50.00
or find used high end Monster or Kimber for $75-100 more
Balance for CD player $300.00
Used Sony 7700
or Rega planet

This system will ! get the Led out !
(I think it should be noted that all of his stuff was new, an important consideration for many people)

I convinced my parents to upgrade their Sony boombox for an NAD L40, Triangle satelites (they wanted a thin profile so they could put them on the mantleplace), and some leftover 47 labs cable I had. They're thrilled for under a grand (everything new, from dealers they could drive to in under 15 minutes).

OK, so I cheated on the cables.
vandy 1b used $400
marantz cd63 used $150
creek 4330 used $300
pro grade interconnects and speaker wire for $50 from Sam-Ash.
I don't think that system would sound very good--there's good tubes and cheap bad tubes which is the WAV. The Tivoli is ugly for a hifi rig. The speakers are the only thing he chose I'm OK with, but alot of others here have listed better choices. At <$1,000 a s/s integrated is the way to go, bookshelf two-ways, and a decent front end. That sony DVD/SACD/CD for $200--get real: all quantity and no quality. SACD won't sound good on a cheap DAC.

Used and DIY:
Audiolab 8000 series integrated amp. $300-$400
(this thing had awesome features for biamping and wireless remote)
Audiolab 8000 series cd player (or the Marantz CD-63 Marakanetz mentioned) $Speakers: Murphy Blaster MBOW1 $350 parts (lots of other good DIY and used choices though)
Tuner: The Dyna FM-3 (this a good spot for tubes) $50

(an Acurus DIA-150 for <$550 and the Marantz CD-63 at $150 would be a good combo plus speakers. The acurus had a passive linestage too, basically a power amp with volume and switching features.)

Electronics: NAD for CD (maybe DVD too) and the integrated. (I'd forget about the SACD thing)
Speakers: Any good 2-way with 5.25"-6.5" mid/woofs and the tweets) Lots of choices.
Cambridge is probably ok too. My brains not workin good on the new stuff.

Cables aren't where to put the money that cheap--unless you're finding some real bargains. Basic wood stands for $40 if there's nothing good someone already has. For Vinyl, save some more money (the older Duals from what I heard one time are worth it sometimes at garage sale prices.)
I agree...for 1k new this is a pretty interesting system...however...for the same amount used...you could easily surpasss it...but used gear is market dependent...

Jolida 25w tube intergrated...$300-350
Trianlge Titus $250-$300
Rega Planet Orginal $300-$350
Target stands $80 (new)
DH labs cable $100(new)

this is roughly 1k..give or take...and is a system I assembled for a friend...hey...beats 90% of the stuff out there...even hi-end rigs...considering its limitations(bass)...but in small rooms...very good sound...

Surely I can.........

Yo...... Check this out!!!!!

My "UNDER" $1K System

Speaker System: Paradigm Atom or Wharfedale Diamond 8.1 -- $200.00 (New)
Stereo Receiver: NAD 7225 -- $125.00 (I'll go right down to the consignment shop and get my receiver back)(Used)
Compact Disc Player: Rega Planet (The "ORIGINAL" One) -- $300.00 (Used)
Turntable: Thorens TD-165 -- $150.00 (Used)
Cartridge: Grado Prestige Green -- $60.00 (New)
Speaker Cable: Kimber Kable 4PR or MITerminator 4 -- $35.00* (Used)
Interconnect Cable: Kimber Kable Ultra Pure or MITerminator 5 -- $50.00, $25.00 Respectively (New)
Speaker Stands: Target FS60D -- $80.00 (New)

And with the $25.00 difference that is left over after going with the cheaper system option, you can take that money that you have just saved and get you a subscription to either "Stereophile" or "The Absolute Sound".

I granted that half of my system is new, and the other half of it is used. But nonetheless, I did manage to assemble a complete system at around $1,000.00 or below $1,000.00 (my lower total came in at $975.00). And unlike the system this guy has assembled, mines DOES include a tuner, a CD player, and a turntable. Plus, this guy didn't even get any good cables, or any stands for that matter. I on the other hand, has also managed to include good cables and good speaker stands on top of that. I feel that at the $1,000.00 price point for a total system, I feel that it makes better sense to go with a good receiver as opposed to getting marginal separates. Plus.... the receiver I included in this system has a tuner built in and provides an upgrade path. And also, it also includes a phono stage and an AM/FM tuner (AND (!!!) both of them are BUILT-IN right into the receiver).... so there is nothing extra to add or buy. And thanks to a low impedence/high current amplifier design, 25 W/P/C from this NAD receiver is going to sound a lot like 50-to-60 W/P/C coming from a mass market receiver, plus you get the extra benefit of low impedence drive capability (and when it comes to this VERY receiver, I know what I am talking about...... I used to own one back in the early 90's). The only thing you're omitting from this system is SACD capability. And to me, that is more a sin of omission rather than that of a commission. Unless you are willing to spend at least $3K or $4K+ on a total system, and unless you have the resources to do it right, it makes better sense to go with a receiver and forgo SACD playback. All it comes down to then is a matter of sonic preference. It's going to have to come down to whether you prefer the fuller, meatier and warmer sound of the Paradigm Atoms??? Or would you opt for the open, spacious and brighter sound of the Wharfedale Diamond 8.1's???

Don't "EVEN" think about buying separates at this price level.

And SACD playback???? AT THIS LEVEL!!!!!! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

And besides, 10 W/P/C is not going to cut it in the hi-fi world today. So, I don't know what this guy was thinking.

My $1K System!!!!!!

ToK20000, Sugarbrie and others.........

What do you think?????


P.S.: And he says that the next time, he's going to do a $5K-to-$10K system???? Well.... if and when he does that, then this I will have to see for myself then. I would be inclined to compare my system to his, and see how his system stacks up to mine. That's about how much my system costs (about $5K-to-$10K).

"*" means that this is the approximate price of the cable(s) in question if I was to get it used.