A Moment of Silence for The Doctor

You may have heard that Dr. Harvey "Gizmo" Rosenberg passed away today, July 16, 2001. Many of you will know of him from his writings, his articles in Listener, etc.
A great mind, he sought truth, may he rest in peace.
My I offer my condolences to his family and to his family of audio enthusiasts. Several times I have introduced his name to threads, and that is because "the doctor" wrote so passionately of subjects audio...and was a one-of-a-kind personality. He posessed the unique quality of being able to transfer his very own feelings on a particular issue to his readers, and he will be missed by us.

Thanks, Hiwaves, for posting.

Au revoir, Harvey, let us know which cables HE uses!
I am saddened to hear of Gizmo's passing. I just started subscribing to LISTENER early this year mainly because of his entertaining and relevent writings and I will truly miss him. In the short time I've been exposed to his words, I have been enlightened to enjoy the music more and the equipment with a different perspective. It's strange when someone who is not that much older than oneself passes away. I'm guessing from his writings and picture to be in his early fifties. You always wonder what was the reason. On the lighter side, he always hated solid state amps, so maybe he was forced into an all night listening session on some bad ss gear and this was the only escape. Gizmo, the music you hear now will be the best ever, better than triode. Happy listening.