How to silence popup messages...

I stream my music (subscription streaming service) from my Windows 10 laptop (Dell with solid-state drive) to an integrated DAC amplifier into speakers.  Sometimes, I get these annoying popup messages that produce a ding sound that comes through my speakers.  Is there any way to silence these popup messages?  

Thank you for your thoughts.

Get a streamer. Bluesound Node 2i. Works fantastic. It would drive me insane to get a ding in the middle of the Mahler.
It's simple to stop the dings but why bother?  
The sound sucks, even with Fidelizer and foobar.
Right click on the speaker icon ('Speakers") of taskbar, select Volume Mixer, mute 'system sounds' by clicking on the speaker icon in that column. 
Or, Settings_Sound_Sound Control Panel_'Sounds' tab_'Sound Scheme' drop down = No Sounds.