A Moment Of Silence For Waylon Jennings

Country music has lost one of its giants. Or at least one of its outlaws. Perhaps the state flag of Texas should fly at half mast today. Or at least the one in Luckenbach, Texas.
Kinsekd; I had not heard that Waylon Jennings had passed away. Thankyou for the notice, and it is a sad day indeed. I especially liked his "kind of mentorship" to Hank Williams Jr., and I agree he was one of the giants of C/W music. Craig.
I'll second that Garfish.
Waylon's record, Dreaming My Dreams, is absolutely wonderful.
I have one of his records, have really enjoyed his music (since discovering him when the Grateful Dead covered "Mama Tried" at a concert in 1978).

I'd really like to hear more recommendations for people's favorite Waylon recordings!

"I've always been crazy, but it's kept me from goin' insane..."

"I can't say I'm proud of all of the things that I've done, but I can say I've never intentionally hurt anyone..."

He was from the old school, which I favor. My favorites of his were written and performed in the 70's and there is a Greatest Hits albumn which shows him in his prime if anyone wants to see what he was all about. Best appeciated with an American beer, (or two, or three.)

Waylon came along to me with Kris Kristofferson et al, and had that special timbre and edge to his voice that was "one of a kind". In a word, WAYLON, Willie, and the boys.

You can sing all night long up there, friend.
I came late to the Waylon party. Glad that I didn't miss it entirely. While our hearts our heavy, let our thoughts be light with prayers for Jessi and loved ones. While he was the outlaw he was what appeared to be a rarity in entertainment, a very nice guy.
Thank you Stevie Nicks for writing a beautiful ballad (Leather and Lace)about the love between two of county music treasured gems, Jessi & Waylon. I'll be spinning the Highwaymen albums tonight in loving memory..