Great cinematic audiophile moment

I've read mentions in other threads about the few and far-between moments where audio equipment of note make appearances in a movie, but I saw what is easily the most elaborate audiophile moment I have experienced on film.

In an Asian film, Infernal Affairs, a main character goes into a stereo shop, browses for a bit, and then asks to listen to a system. The shop has a lot of gear, especially tube amps and speakers, and the salesperson comments on how the Asian amps are great and "only about 10 grand". Says they sound every bit as good as the European amps. The customer comments on the cheap wire being used, and after an initial listen, goes to the display rack, picks out new wire, and gives it to the salesperson to use. After inserting the better wire, the salesperson is transfixed, saying the sound is "much better!"

The guy buys a system, and there are several scenes with it as a centerpiece in his LR, including the tube amps on display.

I can't think of an even close second place.
That is a great scene. It looked like Shanling or Dared setups. I wonder what the US remake will use for that scene?
man, i thought i was the only person who's seen that movie and then skipped back to the stereo shop scene. audiophilia, it's a serious and sad addiction. however, my saddest moment was when i was thumbing through a playboy. one of the spreads had a rather tasty brunette in an apartment but i first noticed the rack of gear in the background (trying to guess what each piece of gear was) before i noticed her rack. *hangs head in shame*
Not the movies, but on Friends, the guys appt used to have Martin Logins and for a short time had a pair of Blueroom Minipods, but I don,t remember seeing the electronics.
In the movie Philadelphia, Tom Hanks listens to opera on a rig that appears to be Accuphase driving electrostatics.
On Fox's House, one episode had House lying on his back on the floor of his office, headphones, listening to vinyl. I didnt get a look at the table/electronics. Anybody notice?
OK, I'm so geeked out by this, I have to find that movie!

"You know your an audiophile, when you look at a Playboy magazine and you notice the knobs on the stereo in the background before you notice the knobs on the naked girl."
What about The Italian Job?
Saw The Italian Job (on the free Showtime HD weekend) and noted the early references to the desire for a stereo system (with "Burr-Brown DACs") that would blow off a woman's clothes. At the end, the guy gets his system but with big Martin-Logan speakers with which he tries to achieve his goals. Better he had Klipsch or Cerwin-Vegas; the M-Ls are great speakers for music but...........

Does anybody know if the bulbous, blue speakers in the character Yorgi's bedroom in the movie "xXx" are or were actually in production? Those had audiophilia written all over them...