$800 to spend on speakers, $1500 on whole system

I am new to community and am seeking advice on my first good sound system. I am looking to spend $500-800 on a used set of two speakers for my living room, which is not very large. I cannot decide between bookshelf speakers or a floor speaker. I will be listening mostly to digital music, and I could use recommendations on a DAC and receiver. I would like the receiver to be bluetooth if high quality receivers come with this feature, but that's not a deal breaker for me.

My Ideal system would have two speakers at $500-800 and with receiver, DAC, cables, and anything else I would need totaling around $1200, but $1500 maximum. I figured I would start with speakers and go from there.

I like to listen to most music, except rap. Heavy metal, funk, jazz. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks

A used pair of Vandersteen 2C's would fit your budget!
Check out the PC Sprout integrated. 50 wpc, includes DAC, phono preamp, headphone amp, usb, and bluetooth.  About $500 at most sites.  Not a receiver, but you could probably pick up a used tuner fairly cheap, and still have $700-800 for speakers. 

Hello @pawadalla, and welcome to the community.

Since you're new to the game, I thought it might be helpful to lay out a list of brands to look out for. You've entered a new level, with new players. Say goodbye to your old friends Sony and Kenwood, and say hello to your new friends:

Here are the brands I would suggest looking in regards to bookshelves in your price range (used):
Sonus Faber (the Concerto can be had for around $750)
Vienna Acoustics
ELAC (Uni-Fi UB5 is getting STELLAR reviews, comes out soon)

B&W, NHT, and Paradigm have products spanning the spectrum from basic consumer to high-end, but in your price range each of their offerings should be high quality. 

Now in the amp/preamp department, same drill. These are quality brands with offerings in your used price range:
Musical Fidelity 

Starting out, you may be better served with an integrated amp. That means your amplifier has multiple inputs for each of your components, and also controls the volume. In the future, you may want to get separate components for these duties.
I traded for some Silverline Minuets a while back. Smallest speaker I've owned. I'm shocked at how satisfying they are. My audio buddy is shopping for some now. Used I'm guessing they run $300-350, as they have been around a few years. Latest version is 699? I think. Reviews online are plentiful. 

Of course, your ears and your money... best to listen to something in your room before buying if you can.


lots of great equipment to explore. remember, each piece needs to work well with the others, and your room, and your musical and sonic preferences...