750 US MC cartridge options

I amthinking of upgrading to an MC cartridge in the <750 US price range,I am familiar with the Denon 103R (great cart to my ears) but there are some other options from Zyx, used Koetsu Black or Sumiko which I also found interesting.

I will kindly appreciate your comments/suggestions of options you might consider based on your experience, please check my system below.

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i'm using a Reson Aciore, which is, i believe $515 USD, and it is the best cart i've used under 1k. i'm also mating it with an RB-300 and having used (on different tables) a Dynavector 10x4, a Linn Arkiv mk ii, and a Van den Hul Colibri - only the colibri stands out as being a better cartridge in my mind. they (reson) also make the Etile, which is exactly $750. i haven't heard it, but i have heard their 2k cartridge, and it's among the best i've ever heard. i imagine its quality, like its price, lies between the two.

reson carts aren't very well-known, but i promise you that for the money, you'll be hard pressed to find anything as musical.
Dynavector Karat and Shelter 501 for just a bit more are popular choices. Sumiko Blackbird and the new ZYX Bloom may be good choices too. Those cartridges represent a wide range in specifications and sonic signatures. If you like the 103R, the Shelter 501 may be a good choice for you.
I am satified with my Kontrapunkt B from Ortofon and the company should remain in business if the past is any guarantee of the future.
I second Dlwask's comments. I have experimented back and forth of late with both the Dynavector 17D (Karat) and the Shelter 501. Same price point for both, different design philosophies and sonics. They are both relatively low ouput MC, with the Dynavector coming in at 0.26mV, you would want to make sure your phono stage has the gain to drive them. The Shelter is a low compliance, heavy body cart, where the Dynavector is much lighter in weight and compliance. The Dynavector (in my system, in my room) is fast, agile and light on its feet, and the Shelter is a bit more dark, very lush midrange, with a slightly rolled off top end compared to the Dynavector. In my setup, the Shelter exhibits more low end and bass authority than the Dyna. But at around 800.00 new retail, they are both a wonderful choice. So much so, I kept both.
i would second the Dyna 17D2, awesome, awesome, cart.
Thanks a lot for your feedback,my choices are now the following:

1.- Dynavector Karat
2.- Shelter 501
3.- Zyx Bloom
4.- Denon 103R

Any additional feedback will be heartly welcome, planing to buy by end-of-month.

BTW: Just received my Accuphase CDP, great musicality, authority and lush-sounding unit.!!!

Did you ever get a chance to audition these cartridges?
The ZYX Bloom is < $500 from SoraSound (Audiogon dealer and the North American importer). I don't remember what the next model up is or what he sells it for, but it might be worth asking.

It's certainly worth contacting Mehran if you're considering a ZYX. There isn't a nicer guy to deal with on the planet.
well - just a quick note to mention that I bought a Dynavector xx2 MC cartridge (very low output).

I am in heaven!

Thanks for your feedback