7 Channel Amp

My brand new Cary 7.250 will not work in my apartment. It keeps shutting down after I turn it on. I then tried it in my brother’s house only to replicate the same problem. I returned to Cary only to have them say it works fine. They returned to me and it still shuts down on first boot. I have tried two different power cords and two separate and different outlets. I am giving up on this amp.

So I need to find a great 7 channel amp. I have a Theta Casablanca III pre-pro. What do you think?
Did you purchase the Cary new from a dealer? If you did you should be able to get the dealer to come to your apartment and witness the problenm first hand so he can relate it to Cary. I wouldn't give up so easily on this amp as it is supposed to be very good, although I have heard some complaints recently concerning Cary's customer service. I would even take it back to the store and see if you can replicate the issue there.
Unfortunalty my dealer is not in my state. Cary customer service has been very good except they are scrathing their head over this one. They tried it at their factory with different voltages and it worked fine. I also tried it at my brothers house with the same result. I just give up.
If I had to buy a new multi-channel amp righ now I'd get a d-sonic or Wyred 4 Sound. You can customize them with the power you want in each channel and the small form factor, cool running and light weight appeal to me. Not cheap, but reasonably priced IMO.
Seems I spoke to soon. The amp works fine everywhere but my apartment. Seems I have bad electricity and everyone is scratching their head as how to fix it. So far the only fix i have had is to use a 50' extension cord. More info to follow. Cary has been very helpful.
The amp works fine everywhere but your apartment, and your brothers house, or does it now work fine there as well?
This is getting interesting. The amp works fine at Cary's facility, fine at my friends apartment and fine at his place of work. It not works fine in my Apartment if you use a 50foot extension cord?????? What is going on?
Could it be bad extension cord or bad outlet? Make sure your outlet is probably grounded and rated enough for the amp in term of current drawn. If it shutdown after being turn on, something is getting shorted and I don't think it's your amp.

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