60 dB phono, 19 dB preamp, Enough gain?

Will this preamp give me enough gain for my .35 mV MC cartridge? My amp also has 19dB of gain, 2.5 watts max into 8 ohm Lowthers.

My calculations tell me I have more than enough gain, but I want to make sure before I buy.
As presented, plenty (are you sure about those 60db gain?). Enjoy your Lowthers!
My Jadis JP80MC had those specs for phono, and I think 20db gain in the line stage, and had no problems with a cartridge with a lower (.3mV) output than yours. Should be fine based on those numbers.
Herman, I think you'll be ok with that.
thank you
Sounds like plenty to me, esp. with high efficency Lowthers. I've got about 78 db total gain from my pre and it can handle a Benz Glider L2 (o.25 mv) just fine, driving 89 dB/watt/meter Vandy 3Asigs.