6 Components + A Big Amp: Which rack?

With my entry into analog, the number of components I own has grown. I sold my digital processor for tube preamp with a separate power supply (Sonic Frontiers Line 3). Then I bought a turntable AND a Black Cube phono amp. Add to this, a tuner and a CD player, plus a large 17"w X 22"d amp. My little, old 4-level standesign rack is now too small for all the gadgets I need to isolate/couple. Worse yet, my turntable is on the GROUND. Ugh.

I need really need 6 shelves and a place to put my amp.

I really want to a double wide rack that can accommodate 8 components (2x4) in stead of a 6-component tall rack and an amp stand. However, I'm flexible. Can anyone make some suggestions?

Try two smaller racks placed side by side. You really don't want two many other components on the same rack as your turntable.
Check out Lovans products..
They have a great line of quality racks that are
Stackable... you can have a double wide rack that will
accomodate all of your gear...plus they can be filled with materials to deaden the sound and have all isolation points at the legs.
Check out my Home Theater Virtual System
Pics of My gear in one are there...
Try Audioadvisor as well..
Good luck,
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No turntable should be on the same rack with the equipment. The turntable should have a dedicated stand with nothing else on it. Suspension TTs use lightweight rigid stands. Mass-coupled suspensionless use heavy rigid stands.
A separate rack for a TT? How much vibration is really given off by other components if they are isolated/coupled?
Check out the Billy Bags 4600 series. Not cheap but build
quality like you wouldn't believe. And you can specify the
spacings between shelves when you order. And you can even
get it with a 4th shelf. That's what I did. I keep my 36"
TV on top with my 8 components below. You could easily use
the 3-shelf version and keep your TT/phono-stage on top.
The spacings I used from bottom-up: 12" (for amps), 10" (for
CDP and preamp), 8" (VCR and DAT deck), 6" (DVD and tuner).
That's 500lbs of equipment and the rack is rock steady!! No
vibrations going up that bad boy!!

Here's the link to the Audio Advisor ad for this particular
rack (I ordered directly from Billy Bags):

The ideal is to have the turntable isolated, not only from other components but from any vertical shock. Why not install one of the excellent wall mounted turntable shelves from Target or Rega and then site the balance of the gear on one of the excellent stands suggested above?
I'm using a Lovan Sovereign AVR rack. It's double wide (43") and sturdy. I have my 95 pound amp and 60 pound turntable on the top shelf. It's also segmented, so you can buy additional racks if desired.

Given your desire for a double-wide rack approach, though not inexpensive (for two racks), I'd suggest looking into the Sistrum racks and stands. You can find them in the manufacturers listing under Star Sound. They are fully adjustable and will definitely improve the sound of your system and not just the looks. I think you'd get the best performance with the amp on its own stand, but if you want double-wide (or two racks) the Sistrum racks will easily accomodate your amp dimensions. Good luck.