5 channel amp switcher?

I am looking for a switcher that I can use to switch between two 5 channel amps to a 5 channel speaker system. There are plenty of line level 5.1 switchers, but after much research I could only find a 10 year old niles product the (AB-8)that is no longer in production. I thought about using 3 dps-1 switches, but that would be a total pitb. So I am open to suggestions of other products. I want to use a 5 channel tube amp for music, and a 5 channel SS amp for movies and run them to the same set of speakers. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Did you call Niles customer service on that yet?

I would.

Thought of bi amping?

Good luck.
you also can use Niles Automated Switching Systems abs-1 or spk-1.
This Paragon will switch up to 5 pair but might not divide them as you might want, good luck.

This link show you how to use the SPK-1 to select speakers ( 3 needed ).
Thanks for your responses.
Blindjim, yes I did contact niles, they were the ones who told me about the ab-8. They no longer make or stock this item as it is about 10yrs old. I have a wanted ad on audiogon, and a search ongoing on ebay

Imhififan, you are correct, the spk-1 or the dps-1 in triplicate will work. I am hoping to find this in a one box solution

Krell1, Thanks for the link, as I read the instruction, and look at the wiring in the back, it appears to only handle a stereo input and switch between 5 speakers

I found a product from a professional studio company called coleman audio. www.colemanaudio.com. it is a true 5.1 switcher called the A/B 5.1 Can speaker level outputs be wired to 1/4" TRS jacks?
1/4" jacks have a positive and negative so that is not a problem, just another connector introduced in the path. You can get those from your neighborhood Radio Shack.