3 Brit players around 2,000 retail-which wins?

Finalists are the Roksan Caspian, Creek 53, and Rega Jupiter, all of which cost around the same.

Thoughts/comments are greatly appreciated. Please note, the system surrounding the player is "non" Roksan/Creek/Rega so I don't see that synergy issues play into this discussion.
Used Ikemi or EMC-1!
1 vote for the jupiter - i've had one for a while and couldn't be happier. the ikemi that SG mentions is also a fine choice. . . .
I have owned/heard only two of these units -- the Creek and the Rega. Of the two, I personally preferred the sound of the Rega, although I liked the cosmetics of the Creek better. Based on the review articles I've read of these three units, the consensus seems to be that the Rega and Creek come out either #1 or #2 (depending on the reviewer), with the Roksan #3. However, bear in mind that we are talking about subtle, not gross, differences between the relative performance of all three units.
The Jupiter sells very well for us - personally I don't see how you can do better for the money having listened to virtually all of the competitors in the same price range.
I agree with Subaruguru. A used Ikemi will be superior to the others in all respects. I've heard the other players and previously had an Ikemi. It's a great machine, and they're starting to show up at reasonable prices.
Did anyone compare these units with the Naim CD5 .. it's not much more.
Just curious - why does it have to be a "Brit" player? I would think that with $2000 you could go global with a lot of success.
There are quite a few players out there right now that could might be able to better the ones you listed for under 2K. The Meridian 508.24 comes to mind. Also, if you are lucky, you might be able to find a Sony SCD-1. Arcam makes a player priced right at 2K. I forget the model number, but from what I hear, it is fantastic.
I second S7horton on the Arcam. It is called the FMJ CD23T. It lists for $2199 but can be bought new at reasonable discounts (below $2K). It's a great CD player and an outstanding value.
FMJ CD23 (T if you like) or the Naim CD 5.