2k budget for home theater

I was thinking of spending 6 to 800 on a receiver and jbl lsr308s in a 5.1 setup. Can I do better with 2k? This is for strictly games and movies. How far can my 2k get me ? I can stretch it to 2400.00. What do you guys suggest? 2 fronts a center receiver and sub for 2.4k possible or anything better than jbl lsr 308s? Thanks!
Those JBL speakers are powered. You don't need powered speakers with a receiver. The receiver contains the power amplifiers. I found this in your budget.

B&K 707 Receiver $799
4 Gallo CL-2 speakers 369/pr = $738
1 Gallo CL-C center speaker $299
1 Gallo CLS-12 Sub $599
Great speakers . Just get yourself a pre/pro that has balanced out  , some balanced cables and you are good to go . Bryston sp2 , Anthem d1 are two great pre's . The new marantz 7702 are lowering in price daily too .
Can you send me links as to where to purchase those items for the price listed? Thank you!

How large is your room and do you listen very loud at times?

Also, concerning the Gallo system listed, the Cl-2 is a 4 ohm speaker. Many new receivers in your listed price range are typically just stable to 6 ohm.

I live in a condo and play all my games (xboxone/360) and watch movies at night. It will not be played loud very much. Just something that is nice and crisp that my wife and I will enjoy.
I agree with maplegrovemusic, pick up a Marantz AV7702 from amazon for $1200. I'd skip the center channel; put the money on a better sub. Pick up a sealed sub from SVS, like the SB1000 or SB2000. Balanced cables from Blue Jeans Cable; I like the flexible Belden 1800F.

Let us know how you like the JBLs. I used a pair of  LSR 4328 and a LSR 4312 (sub) for several years.
Here is a great system:



The items I listed are all on Audiogon. The B&K receiver has much more robust amplification than the typical receiver. You could skip the center channel. It's your choice. There are better subs too. It's just money and the sub size might factor in your space/decor.

If you are set on the JBL speakers, a pre/pro would work as well as suggested by maplegrovemusic. Anthem D1 or AVW-50v are good choices.