2Ch amp Quandry..

I have the Def.Tech's BP3000TL's and I've narrowed my choices down to 3 different 2Ch amps..Bel Canto Evo 220.2,
B&K Ref.2220, and the Bryston 4B-St..I would like to get the Bryston of the bunch,if available..But what would my next choice be between the Bel Canto and the B&K ? Thanks to all for your help !
Check out Odyssey Stratos amps at odysseyaudio.com. Read the reviews there and look at their pricing. Then determine how the Stratos may compare to the amps you list above. Not to mention the money you'd save.
Second on the Odyssey! Great Value. You could get the new single chassis Monos and still be paying less than the amps above.
1st, Bryston,
2nd, Bel Canto,
3rd, B&K
I agree with the first 2 suggestions, go with the Odyssey and maybe get the 120,000mfd option. They sound & look nice, don't cost a fortune and are built by a company that has been around for a long time. I heard them at the Festival Du Son and thought they were a great bargain. You won't loose a ton of money if you decide to sell it as well.

Just ask some owners about these amps, these guys are crazy about them. Thats where I'd look if I were looking at reasonably priced SS amps. I heard the B&K and the Bryston and thought neither of them were anything great. I certainly feel the Odyssey I heard at the show was just as good if not a little better in some aspects than either of those amps.

Best of luck,