help arcam phono preamp quandry

I recently purchased an Arcam 9C preamp to replace my Parasound HP850 preamp. I do prefer the sound of the Arcam (seems more natural), but it doesn't have a phono stage as the Parasound does. I'd like to be able to play my vinyl, but want to sink as little into phono capability as possible, as I rarely play my records.
So my questions are:
1. How can I get a phono card for my Arcam, and what would it cost?
2. Would I be better off going with a budget external phono stage, such as the Pro-ject?
3. It's all in my head, my ears are worthless and the Parasound sounds just as good (or better) than the I should dump the Arcam and stick with the Parasound?
My turntable is a Thorens TD160, cartridge a Grado Z1+, Acurus amplifier and EPOS 11 speakers. I listen primarily to acoustic music, and jazz/folk vocals.

Any thoughts would be appreciated! Balthus
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I recently heard he base model Clear Audio phono stage (I believe MM only). At 200 bucks I cannot think of any other near its price that is as good. Also Musical Surroundings does seem to be into customer service and upgrading.
contact the US distributor for Arcam to see how much a card is :

It's a lot less hassle to have fewer boxes and power supplies so I'd go with an arcam card if it's comparable with Creek / project on the price.