In a quandry wrapped in an enigma

I haven't a clue as to what to do anymore.
My situation is thus:
I have had many systems throughout my life the likes of Magnepan (4 different ones including my current 1.6's), genesis apm1's,ML requests,Soundlab,B&W's,Vandersteens... along with various electronics like Mark Levinson, Rogue Audio, YBA, Classe...
I'm trying to paint the picture of the type of sound I prefer, large soundstage with slam and transparency)
In the last few years I have found that my enjoyment of music has declined significantly due to tinnitus (over 80 db sometimes@5500 or so)and a high frequency loss that's very prevalent and my focus is no longer on detail or transparancy as much as a warm seductive midrange but yet still have the ability to be bombastic when called for.
Right now I have an all maggie surround system w/sunfire jr sub and the nad t-765 receiver and it just aint cuttin the mustard anymore. So I am selling everything and building a 2 channel system with the proceeds (about 3k i'm thinking.

Now finally to the crux of my biscuit. I haven't a clue to what synergy will give me the lush, warm,soul wrenching emotional sound I so desire while still supplying slam and that huge sound stage I have grown so accustomed to. I think HF extension or hyper detail is a moot point for me anymore. Anyone suggesting bose will be shot on the spot!!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Try tubes again. Anything special happen when you used the Rogue stuff? Even go vintage if you just want a very involving and MUSICAL system. The EL84 based amps can have plenty of natural sparkle on top which dispells the old "Vintage tube amps sound dark, slow, undynamic, etc." myth.
Lush tubes? Early Conrad Johnson preamp. For the warm lush sound. Then some big SS amp for the slam.
20.7 Magnepans would be the right speaker.. For a Maggie fan.
I have tinnitus since accident 48 years ago, and Maggie 3.6 with Bryston amp
Try the Hawthorne Audio open baffle speakers. They are customizable and an easy amplifier load. They are also well within your budget.
Yes, tube pre with SS amp. Don't forget to match impedance levels. The Rogue preamps have a low output impedance and have a neutral to warm presentation.
I too suffer from tinnitus plus hyperacusis (pain from high frequencies). For warm and lush with the bass slam you seek, maybe a Rogue pre with a Bryston amp.
Please give us a history of what you ran together.
Example xam CD player YBA pre amp classe amp
Also include all of your tried combinations
and room dimensions.
Thanks John
My room is 12x14 with 8 to 14 foot vaulted ceilings. This is open to a 8x10 dining room (8ft ceilings) to the left of where my left speaker is. As far as what system synergies Ive had before, my most memorable was the requests hooked to a yamaha amp!!! (granted the amp did shut down every once in a while). My 802's with the Yba Integre dt gave wonderful sounds as well. On the other end of the spectrum, my dynastats sounded bad no matter where i placed them or what i hooked to them, especially the rogues. My last setup before the Nad was my 1.6's with the 383 levison. This setup had tremendous dynamics but a very sterile sound that could at times rip your head off. My rogue monoblocks just didn't have the oomph to drive my maggies or 802's to satisfying levels but i loved the smoothness of the midrange. To those who have answered this thread, thank you so much for your input!!
How cool Dude!!
"20.7 Magnepans would be the right speaker.. For a Maggie fan."

Yeah, he surely ought be able to squeeze a pair of those into his THREE THOUSAND dollar budget.

Zu Audio is having a closeout sale and pair it with a small tube integrated. Your choice on the other stuff ie. digital or analog, but that will give you nice sound and should be both of what you are looking for.
I have considered Zu or Tekton with something like a Golden Tube se-40 or some other affordable int tube amp. On the flip side i wonder how well a Sonus Faber (concerto probably) or totem with a class "A" Amp would fit into my overall scheme. I am open to any suggestions that run along that line. I have decided to get an Oppo as my source (why pay more if you can't hear the difference?)
Once again thank you so much for your input!!!
I heard totems are picky about placement, and need lots power. The sales people that I talked to weren't that impressed with them and didn't think I should really consider them even though I wanted to like the totems. I wonder why they carry them if that's how they feel and who do they sell them to? Only people they don't like? Seems fishy to me.
I auditioned different totems and the floorstanders are very picky regarding room placement. I liked their sound in the showroom but I couldn't get them to work in my room.
As for power, they like high current amps.