Power Cord Quandry

Having recently purchased a pair Granite Audio 860 mono blocks I would like to know what other owners of these amps are using for PC's or if anybody has any suggestions. Would like cables on the warm side of neutral. My associated gear is: New Music Timbre IC's. TG Audio pc on a ARC SP16 preamp, Silverline Panatella III speakers, AZ Satori cables and a Marantz 8260 cd player. Price range of 3-5 hundred per cable.

I think there are a lot of people in a power cable quandry. Only they may not know it. Especially if they have dedicated lines.

I would recommend checking out Foundation Research LC-1, LC-2, and LC-3 dedicated and passive in-line power conditioners (they come with their own built-in power cable) and these LCs cost about the same as a good power cable.

But, hey, don't take my word for it. Check out Marty DeWulf's of Bound for Sound recent review on these lc's. He calls them the best he's heard and now owns them in his big rig. Some put Marty, along with Peter Moncrief and a few others, head & shoulders over most reviewers.

The LC-1 works great on preamps and digital components, but you hae to check its rating to use on amps. The LC-2 was not the best match for my Pass Labs X-250 power amp, I still prefer the David Elrod Sig 3 on the amp. The TG Audio Silver and JPS Labs AC power cords come in a close second with the JPS having a slightly darker backround and maybe slighlty fuller in the mids.

Happy Listening.
I would recommend that you check out the products (both DIY and preassembled) offered by fellow 'Goner Ernie Munier ("subaruguru"). He has recently helped me with running two dedicated lines (one of Belden 83803 obtained from Ernie), building custom breakout 4-way boxes with in-line switches, and now making power cords from the leftover Belden wire (plus a few other power cords from other materials supplied by Ernie). I have found his prices to be excellent, his service to be nigh unbelievable, and his products to be sound.

He's definitely worth talking to.

Yes, BigKidz appears to be correct. As Marty DeWulf of Bound for Sound pointed out, for some reason the Pass Labs X250 does not seem to mate well with the LC-2.

But on the other hand, the LC-2 mated very well with Marty's Edge NL10 amp. And it certainly mates well with my McCormack DNA-2 Revision A amp. Both of which are equal to or higher powered amps than the X250.

Thus far, the Pass Labs is the only amp I've heard of that does not potentially mate with an LC-2.

I just acquired a used Virtual Dynamics Power Three, about 100.00 dollars or so. I am mightily impressed with this PC. Having compared MIT Zcord, Transparent Powerlink plus, and Signalcable Magic power. It is easily the best of this bunch.

I equally impressed with a custom DH Labs BL-1 bought from A’gon member Drubrew. This IC compared very well against Signalcable Analog 2, Monster Cable Reference 2, and Transparent Musiclink 100s. Less than 60.00 dollars with WBT RCA termination.
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