2019 calendars

Happy New Years Audiogoners.   Anyone know of any decent "hi-fi"/audio-related calendars for 2019?   Need something for the fridge to replace my 2018 Ortofon anniversary calendar.   I know some audio manufacturers distribute calendars thru their dealers....anyone get a decent one for the new year?

"Not I", said the duck.   But I am eager to see a source for some!
Sorry, my go to for calendars is the one from BikeExif. 

All the best,
Alert Manufacturers! Here is an idea that would be worth your while. I would love to have a calendar with gear on it, I imagine the best chance would be for a brand to offer one. I myself would love a McIntosh calendar and they have made enough gear thru the years to have years of calendars. 
your local record store(the one i own does!) should have the Rhino records calendar thagt comes out monday....great photos and daily facts
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