2 channel + HT suggestions

Hi All - I’m limited to one room for my set up so I needed to solve for two channel and HT.  For this reason I went with a krell theatre 7 HD for my amp, which I now know is the weak link. The rest of my system includes PS Audio BHK pre (ht pass through) PS Audio DSD, Roon into Matrix into DSD, B&W 805 D3 + Rel sub.  

i’m fairly set on a pass labs 250.8, which gives me optionality to scale a 2 channel room later with larger speakers, but for the current set up I then need to solve for the center channel.  I’m only running 3 channels so the Krell is useless. What are your thoughts on powering the center channel? 


I’m not sure your amp is your weak link.  If I’m you, I might consider adding another Rel sub.  That actually might do more than upgrading your amp. 

What leads you to believe that you amp is the problem?

And what are the problems that manifest into “weak link”?

Why is the Krell useless? You may be underutilizing it by upgrading your 2 channel amplification, but that’s not bad. If you don’t want to leave channels unused then add more surround speakers or something.

I’m not up to date on HT. I watch movies in 2 channel like a savage. Maybe it’s just cleaning up the setup?

I'm with everyone else, I'd be surprised if your amp was that deficient.  I'd question your configuration for the center, surrounds and subwoofer instead.

Thanks everyone.  Don’t get me wrong, the krell is very good, and my system sounds great with no problems. I jumped into this hobby 3 years ago, and the more I’ve learned, I guess I have developed fomo as to what my 2 channel sound could be with a stereo amp or monoblocks.  Maybe the better question is what amp(s) would you recommend for my system to get the best 2 channel sound, and have 3 channels? 

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I have been living with a hybrid 5.1/2.0 system for a few years though the 5.1 part of it has changed a great deal.  I tried going all-separates and it was a real hot mess. I just replaced my processor along with three outboard monoblocks and a separate DSP unit with 1 Anthem MRX 540.  That feeds my Luxman integrated which is what I use for 2.0 channel listening.  Really very happy with the final results and the loss of clutter.

I would strongly recommend you get a new HT receiver like an Anthem MRX to replace both of the Krell units and then get a stereo amplifier for the 2.0 part of the system.  If you can do an integrated even better, just based on wiring and system complexity. 

I have a combined 2 channel / 7.5 HT setup.  The two channel system consists of a nice pair of monoblocks for my main speakers, and a preamp with HTBP.  The center and surrounds are powered by a 5 channel amp and I use a Marantz HT processor.  Your center channel is the most important channel for home theater, that's where most of the dialogue comes from.  Getting a better amp for 2 channel is a good idea.  Are you only running three channels for HT?  If so, consider a monoblock for the center.  If you have surround speakers, the Krell is probably fine.  

Thanks, everyone. Appreciate the suggestions and insight. I think I have a plan. If I go with an integrated, like a pass labs, is the BHK Preamp no longer needed? 

If the integrated you're considering has HTBP and all the connections you need, it includes a preamp, so your PS Audio preamp should not be needed.