120Volts to 220Volts?

Hi Folks:
I hope to move my Arcam CD player and amplifer from the US to Singapore, but the electricity requirements are different. I guess I'm looking at three options:
To purchase transformers here or in Singapore which will allow the units to work there, or to get the internal electronics of the units changed to work at 220V, or to simply sell the gear on the used market and work from scratch in Singapore.
Which option do you think is the wisest? I'm not sure how difficult or expensive the first two are. I'd value your advice. Thanks!
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You could get a step down transformer to drop the 220 v to 120. Is the frequency in Singapore 50 Hz? If so you may need to talk with the manufacturer. I feel the isolation from the transformer(s) could be of help in filtering out electrical line noise. Chris
That depends on how long you are going to stay in Singapore. If it is for long, then I suggest you sell the equipment and start from scratch since few years down the road, the 2nd hand market value for your old equipment will be low. If it is for short, then using a quality transformer is really an option. I don't recommend changing the internal circuitry as the equipment was not originally designed to do so otherwise there would be an external switch or the equipment can auto-adjust the voltage.

Good luck
The Arcam is designed in the UK (where the power is 230 Volts 50Hz) and it is highly unlikely they ordered a separate run of transformers for US sales. It is therefore very likely that there is a simple switch inside for switching to 230V. If anything it may run better at 50Hz rather than the more difficult 60Hz. If you do not feel confident about it, ask Arcam.
If you like your system as is, I would not sell it. The loss is simply too great. Also I would not use an ordinary stepdown transformer, although that would be the cheapest solution. They generally screw up the dynamics of your musical renderings. Of course if you can rewire the transformers in your units, fine..that would be the easiest way. Otherwise, I'd rather invest in a PS Audio 300,US version, which you can buy used even here on Audiogon. There is an internal switch, which you can set to 220VAC and it will happily feed your gear at a 120...and you even have the advantage of clean and pristine power. You need NOT to worry about the frequency of the powerline at Singapore, as Sqjudge has suggested, because the PS Audio takes care of that. You will kill two birds with ones stone: You need not worry about power and your system will sound better. You can inform yourself about the PS Audio products at www.psaudio.com .
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I have gone thru this as well. If you are happy with the equipment, I would suggest you go for the transformer. The frequency is unimportant as it only effects synchronous motors found in (most) turntables. I know some CD transports which also have these, but, Arcam is not one of them.
You have a few options here, you already mentioned the option of a transformer. If you do this, you should probably consider a servo controlled variable transformer, which will ensure that any variances in the source voltage will not translate to your equipment. For example, using a static transformer, 240 volt beceomes 120 etc. This can become problematic when you have spikes on the line. I have bought some servo controlled transformers from www.overseasdvd.com, they are fiarly inexpensive and work fine for me.

Another option you have not mentioned is using a PS Audio PowerPlant. These are wave form regenerators that will recreate a nice, clean 60Hz sine wave at 110V. The cool thing is that the input voltage by default is 110V, but is switch selectable between 110 and 220. While it is an expensive option, it would make for great, clean 110V power. I use a PowerPlant 300 in my main system before the CD Player and Pre and it is a remarkable piece of equipment.

Hope that helps.
I would go for a transformer if I like the equipment.
I am living in Hong Kong (220V 50Hz) Many audiophiles here use Japanese or US local products (110V). Some better step down trnsformers in Hong Kong are selling less than US$100.
So far everyone here using 110V equipment seems to be happy with such approach.
Thanks everyone for great advice. Actually, the gear belong's to my girlfriend - I doubt she will be wanting to get the PS Audio 300 - a bit too expensive for her. I do use one myself for my gear at home though. The transformer options sound good. I'll check with Arcam though to see if there is any internal switch. Thanks again!
Outlier, if there is no internal switch, possibly there are contacts on the transformer , where the unit could be soldered to and hence rewired for 220VAC. Ask Arcam for that possibility as well. Any technician , adroit with a soldering iron, could do this for you for little money- if he knows the right contact points.