1 big sub or 2 small?

My choice at this point:
A-one 10" 270 watt yamaha sub New in box for $179
B-two 8" 150 watt yamaha subs New in box for $99 each
Yes, one sub is simpler. I know that two subs will give better imaging and better dispersion. However, this is for a strictly theater application of medium quality. I don't care about imaging, just tight, clean bass. What will get me more good, solid, low bass to shake the room?
You will not get good anything for $200.00. Good luck.
For home theater, bass management is simplified by the use of a single subwoofer. It is less complicated to set up. For those who are willing to go the extra mile, mulitple subs can work well but for most folks a single sub is a better solution.
I agree with Jjmali. You are not going to get anything that's good for $179. These cheap subs tend to produce "one note" bass.

Good luck,
Thanks for the input. That 10" Energy seems to be looking better every minute!

Yes, the S10.2 is a good entry level bang for the buck product. I currently have an S8.2 hooked up to my computer and it does a good job of filling in the bottom end with my B&W LM monitors. If your willing to spend $500 on the energy, take a look at the Outlaw Audio LM sub for $579.00. You'll get a lot more for your money because you are buying factory direct and eliminating the middle men(dealers and distributors).

good luck,
If possible listen to the sub with some music with a quick bass line. Some of the cheap ones will not play all the notes. They just aren`t fast enough. I heard this on some cheap Sony's and Polks. Dan