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ATC SCM 150ASL in a medium size room?
ATCs really shine at high volumes. Are you getting the active or passive version? If it's passive don't even bother. You want midrange detail you should go with Kef with a tangerine wave-guide. The ATCs are no longer IT. 
Need speaker for a small space and close to wall
On this budget and for a small room I suggest going active instead. (I presume the budget includes new amplification too? )e.g. Factory direct speakers from ScanSpeak from Moos audio or the ADM9s from Avi. The Moos audio speakers are in pre-order ... 
Anybody has experience with Building a TAD
But hold on... What do you guys think about the Meyer X-10s? The Meyers seem like an altogether more convenient and put together system. Reason why I am going to build my own Tad instead is because the Meyers are frankly an eye sore plus i think i... 
Anybody has experience with Building a TAD
Thank you so much for your kind inputs! 
Pioneer S-1EX and S-2EX Owners
I wish I can have valuable inputs but isn't it just so sad that a range that showed so much promise was so short-lived? I think it was only in production for less than a couple of yrs. 
Revel Performa 3
I think Revel's old line look way better aesthetically. Isn't the sub a little much for a sub price wise? I dunno.. 
Magico S5 review
I wish Magico will offer active versions of their loudspeakers. No heat-sinking necessary! It's so unfair for active fans like us. 
dCS Debussy as preamp
Thanks for the info Crow. So I am a little glad not to have gotten a MSB.But why not get the MSB and match it with an audiophileo then? And if you are using a desktop, slot a SOTM USB card in for safe measure. So there you have it internal noise s... 
Processor DACs
Hey MhpIt seems like Dirac has removed the beta version of the live correction suite from the website. Is it being discontinued or are they just preparing for the official version to be released? I am hoping it will be 24bit/196khz compatible. I m... 
dCS Debussy as preamp
I have considered getting the DCS Debussy and feeding it straight to active speakers but I read on stereophile that activating preamp function of the Debussy does not show its best side so did not make the purchase. It's less of a money issue but ... 
New Magico S1
Not heard it but love the elegance of the columnar design. And seems like a really fine value for money. I mean over 40KG of aluminum per speaker at this price? It's silly. If I were to get them I would remove the crossover and power it actively. 
How do I use dedicated storage and iTunes?
An NAS with Itunes server built in like the one offered by western digital will be best. You won;t even need your computer to be on that way. 
CES 2013 most amazing bargain find
I wish.... lolNot in the audio business at all. I am a closet audiophile. Ever heard of a fashionista/ artist into audio? This hobby of mine alienates people. The speakers are made by Scan Speak and is factory direct only thus the crazy low price.... 
CES 2013 most amazing bargain find
Visit their website and you will know what I am talking about. It is factory direct only for a good reason. And the factory is ScanSpeak!I really don't see any other speaker at that price that has such a feature set. And the digital filter option?... 
Check these crazy bargain DSP bookshelfs.
Sorry double thread. But yes silly money for the quality?! Don't you think so? The 4 Wolfsen DACs and DSP will already make it a very fine value if it is just a DAC.