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Graham Phantom Supreme?
Does anyone have information on phantom supreme ii with 12 inch arm wand. What is spindle to pivot distance. I cant find them any whereThx 
Micro Seiki Parts-Headshells in particular
i have a broken micro seiki max 237 arm rest , do you happen to have any spare parts? 
SP10 Mk II vs Mk III
i need help regarding recapping my mk3 power supply. symtom i experienced today was the turntable suddenly stop during track 2 and i have to press start again and it work fine... so what i did was i keep the turntable run for 2 hours and it did no... 
Micro seiki sx8000 versions
ThuchanI am interested in armbaord option for micro offered by TW ACOUSTICS wHere can i get more info. Cant find it on their website. Thx 
Fidelity Research FR64 Black Limited Edition
DertonarmDoes the S stand for silver wiring? I am quite confuse. What is the performance different between 64 and 64sThx 
who can fix technics EPC-100c vintage cartridge
Do u know how to contact vdh. I dont have his email. Thx 
Anyone own a Pioneer Exclusive P3 ??
I just aquired exclusive p3 a. Does anyone have a service manual or user manual ? 
Big Karan amps
i am currently using the Karan 650 mono block with my rockport mira grand II.. it does not sound like tube but the smoothness of the amp is like moving from cd to LP gear.. i replace my levinson 33H with these amp with the recommendation from my d... 
rockport altair any informed opinions?
I have heard the Altair.. it is amazing how it demonstrate rocksolid bass with pin point accuracy of the musical elements. with invisible sound from the speaker cabinet, sound stage is rediculously deep. reproduce music is really live. the speaker... 
Dartzeel or Mark Levinson 33H
i would recommend Dart.. 33H sound is not as refine as Dart. but if power is your priority check out the new Levinson mono block 
Synergistic Research's Tricon Phono Cable
how much is the tricon cable 1 meter, i cant seem to find any dealer around my area.. i live in Asiaregards