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Speaker Cable Recomendations
Maybe the first question is with regards to allocation of funds. How much for power vs analog interconnects vs digital interconnects vs speaker cable. I put the most money into power and the least into speaker cables. My approach was simple, Shun... 
Apple Music vs. YouTube sound quality
Assuming that Apple Music is setup properly and volume equalized, the only conclusion that I can make is the obvious, Apple doesn’t always deliver the claimed bitrate and/or storage/stream integrity.  
Apple Music vs. YouTube sound quality
Since Apple Music is a paid service, I would start a support ticket. I only use Apple Music with Bluetooth EarPods and no lossless via Bluetooth.  It seems that my Sony/Google TV suggest Fart Music app, but doesn’t allow Apple Music.  
What to do with my legacy CD collection?
@drlou77  I think that my suggestion was a bit obscure and definitely costly.  You haven’t posted your system under your profile, so this post might be unnecessary.  I’m suggesting that you use a very high quality streamer like an Aurender N-20 a... 
What to do with my legacy CD collection?
@drlou77  Why not make sure that SQ is the same, or better with ripped and streamed music? This and your raid + cloud backup should make physical media redundant, except for SACD albums that aren’t available as high resolution files.  
OMG Moment
@audphile1  Nice listening room & equipment.  I’ve yet to do so, but I’m guessing that lowering the rear spikes will help to positively modify the sound in my room. I went back to look at some Sabrina X reviews and came upon this one: Part-... 
Apple Music vs Tidal for SQ
I use Qobuz for home streaming, but recently started an Apple Music trial. I don’t believe that Aurender’s Conductor will stream Apple Music. I’ve been using Apple in the car, while working out and walking the dog. I don’t drive much, but other us... 
Is soundstage DEPTH a myth?
I don’t listen “deep into music”, I just listen to music.  Some recordings have a three dimensional presentation that seems to fill the room in all directions.  Look to your room acoustics to help with this and then just relax and enjoy the music.... 
Worth fixing?
I question the value of using a cd player when CDs can be ripped and streamed.  
Puritan 156 Power Cord
What made you choose the Puritan vs the competitors and what claims are made for using their own power cords? When I purchased my Shunyata conditioner, the sales person argued that their power NR power cords were designed to work with their condit... 
What should my heirs do to dispose of my vinyl and CDs?
I understand your situation in that mine mimics yours. They want to lay claim to my faster cars and prettier firearms, but no interest in anything in my listening room. That said, a couple of weeks ago, my sixteen year old daughter asked me if s... 
Why do I need a switch?
I added a high end Ethernet cable which feeds my Aurender. The claim was that this cable minimized noise, but I believe that the N20 input is galvanically isolated, so in theory, the expensive last few feet of Ethernet cable should have been a was... 
Spending a month's salary
@bigkidz So, your recommendation is to buy an airline ticket and figure out what sound op is looking for before arriving at your establishment? BTW.. I suspect that your description of your listening options is accurate.  
OMG Moment
I guess that when members post that “everything matters” it means that literally everything matters  
I noticed brightness/harshness more than usual from my system a couple months back.
Google searches tells me as we get older hearing gets more sensitive. I guess that you can find anything with a Google search. Hair cells die preferentially in the high frequency range which reduces our sensitivity to high frequencies. What man...