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You’re An Independent Dealer, Which Companies And What Products Would You Represent?
Locally, audio stores have become home theater dealers and installers.  
Multiple DVD Players
@toddsyr  try and take a server to a friend's house to watch a movie or listen to music. it takes seconds to download a movie from the server to a small USB drive, and any TV worth watching allows you to stream from a USB drive.  
What I'm Listening to Right now in DSD,
@tonydennison  Thanks for posting your system and suggesting music that you enjoyed. I haven’t thought to look for DSD recordings.  I have a few from Octave records, but have never A/B FLAC vs DSD64.  Do you hear a difference between DSD64 vs FL... 
Multiple DVD Players
I put all my DVDs on my network server and can both find and watch any dvd at any time. That said, I’ve recently moved into watching non English dramas and movies and no longer think to watch old DVDs. I hope that this is taken as a constructive ... 
Because they can. Welcome to the Internet. It would be nice if we could see each poster’s system and have a sense of what presentation qualities they prefer and their level of immersion in this hobby, but that  rarely happens, so we each form a s... 
dac and streamer or seperates
@russbutton This is where it doesn’t make sense to me. If a DAC receives the exact same digital data from two different sources, then why would it then result in a different analog signal? You might get a better understanding by reading about... 
dac and streamer or seperates
@asmithkash  I’m not familiar with the Krell, but it appears to be an integrated amp introduced around 2009.  You don’t have your system posted on your profile and I’m not clear on what piece of equipment has a built in streamer/DAC.  Am I lookin... 
dac and streamer or seperates
@jbuhl  That would be a tempting combination, but the DAC is the old version.  They are selling the trade-ins when people buy the MkII.  
Digital add ons-airlens, matrix spdif, Innuous Phoenix net, Phoenix usb
@markalarsen I2s has the potential to be much better than USB, especially if the upstream devices has a very good clock and the clock information is used by the downstream device. PS Audio does not use the clock in their I2s implementation. I2s ... 
Digital add ons-airlens, matrix spdif, Innuous Phoenix net, Phoenix usb
I agree that vendors/manufacturers are valued members of these forums.  Most make sound arguments as to why their product might be desirable.  
Digital add ons-airlens, matrix spdif, Innuous Phoenix net, Phoenix usb
Your system does seem to consist of a great set of components.  The most important change in my system involved power cords and conditioner.  I doubt that the AirLens would be an improvement, but you do have thirty days to return it.  Don’t be ove... 
Digital add ons-airlens, matrix spdif, Innuous Phoenix net, Phoenix usb
@brownsf Please post your virtual system on your profile, so that those answering have some basis for answering.  It seems that you only stream and are looking for a new streaming device, such as the Airlens.  
Audio / Stereo Rack
Looks like a great choice.  Congratulations….  
Streamer Selection - Thoughts Requested Please!
@norust  Whats important to me would be the sound quality, an app with solid integration with Apple and TIDAL.  I am leaning to Aurender as their players/transports are "streamers" / no DAC, they seem to integrate well with Apple and the Conduct... 
Affordable SS that sound like Tubes
@soix  Thanks for taking the time to explain.  My fault in that I should have read a bit more carefully. Interesting that you mention his Mac mini.  When Op states that he use to be 100% vinyl, but is now fully digital, but likely relies on a co...