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Revel Salon 2 with Pass Labs amps
I used a older series X350 with Revel Studios (mk I) happily for several years. Very happy with the performance. I would expect those two brands to work well together given the similarities between Revels mk I and mk II products and Pass' evolutio... 
Top big-name monitors current versions .
Revel Gem2 might be worth a try. 
Revel B15 LFO Low Frequency Optimizer Software?
Mail me, I can sort you out a copy (assuming not breaking copyright obv.) mods may remove this if not appropriate, hope to be able to help 
Will a quality USB cable make a difference....
Just curious given the talk of laptop vs pc vs mac vs mac mini, has anyone tried running osx on pc platform, I.e a hackintosh.Are sound differences dependant on HW implementatios or OS sound pipelines?I've got a really nice silent i3-2100t win7 se... 
Revel Ultima Gem 2's paired with 2 JL F112's
thinking about something like this for a second system I need to put together....currently using revel studios & two B15a's which I enjoy but wnat something a bit smaller for the new system....would be interested if you get a chance to hear th... 
Meridian 861 v4 or classe 800 for movies??
Hi Kal, whats sort of timescale are we looking at before we hear your comments on the SSP vs 861? Given the cost of upgrading my 861 to 861v6 Im taking time out to review alternatives and not leaping blindly....thx in advIan 
class d
I bought a pair of BC Ref1000s to have a listen to and ended up keeping them and selling the in use Pass x350 I was using at the time. (Meridian 861 and Revel Studios + treated room).Wouldnt go back. 
mcintosh laserdisc player MLD 7020
these players rock!Ive got the technical manual somewhere if you want it. Drop me an amail and Ill send it to you (ianj1972 at 
Using two subs
I went from one revel b15a to two and the difference is FAR from small.Even though I could not hear where the sub was I could always feel the "pressure" on one side of the room was more. Adding a second sub has evened the pressure as well as aided... 
Video switching not working on EAD 8800.
I agree - the manual makes several issues a lot harder to understand than they need to be. After years of ownership I still havent figured everything out :( 
Exemplar Denon 2900. WOW Need owner advice.
Is the 2900 mod transferable to the 3910?If not, is the cost involved in selling 2900 and buying 3910 plus paying john again, and the wait all worth the improvements? 
Pass Lab X5 vs. EAD Powermaster 8300
x5 - far better than its price or specs would imply. At current used prices a total no brainer. 
Exemplar Denon 2900. WOW Need owner advice.
Interesting review of the 3910 in this months HFN&RR (uk based mag).They said the 2900 sounded better than the newer unit. Im not sure if this is attributed to the dac or analogue output stage...if its the dac then perhaps the Exemplar 2900 wi... 
best burning software :
As EAC offers the best reading of discs, I have found Feurio to be the best at burning. Its not the easiest to use but does deliver if you are prepared to invest the time.Free eval from I recall. 
Match between Revels and Pass XA160s?
Im using a Pass x350 with Studios, very good synergy, explosive dynamics, smooth and very musical. If lacking in anything it could perhaps be a touch warmer sounding. I think the XAs are perhaps the perfect match although I havent heard them mysel...