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anyone else experience this problem?
What do you mean by "This can't be right"? 
Equipment between speakers...
I say there is no way to really know for sure until you try it. 
Any smooth jazz fans out there?
Hate it! 
DIY ground wire
Don't do it this way. You will get crosstalk and cause other issues that I am not qualified to explain. 
Anyone successful in dealing with Tinnitus?
I just read an article that suggested this: Put your palms left and right over both of your ears with your fingers behind your skull. Put your index finger over your middle finger and slide the index finger so it taps the back of your head and mak... 
Ortofon MC A90 Cartridge VTF
Audiofeil, What are you trying to say? Jonathan doesn't know his products. You know that is not the case. I think that what he is doing here should be commended in that he's taking the time to try to get some feedback from his customers, and other... 
Should I buy the Harmonix footers for $2000.00?
No problem...thanks again for the replies. 
Should I buy the Harmonix footers for $2000.00?
You guys are all nuts! 
Should I buy the Harmonix footers for $2000.00?
Thanks for the responses. I am kind of looking st the footers in the same light as I look at quality (effective) equipment shelves/racks, etc. for our components. I guess I was hoping to hear from others that had a hard time deciding whether or no... 
Outstanding Recordings Of Redbook CD's
Go to Amazon and search JVC xrcd. Most of these will be pretty good recordings. 
Small Speakers for Small Room, Close to Back Wall?
Linn Kan's 
Cable Elevators - What do you use?
I use CD jewel cases. 
Underappreciated components.
Placette passive preamp. (RMV) 
Quad 2805. How to get the bottom panel off?
You need to start by taking the top of the speaker off. It's kind of involved so I would recommend calling Quad up and they will send you a diagram on how to do it. Did you break the binding post? 
Problem when volume turn up
Hi, Does this happen no matter what source you are listening to?