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McIntosh C15 Vs. C712
I have owned many preamps and keep coming back to the C15 because of its simplicity, format, flexibility, and the remote power-on features which I use with the McIntosh power strip. Its a keeper. Right now, it drives an MC-275-Iv and its a great c... 
Marantz 10b repair
Fear is bad. I sent my 10B to AC and they shipped it back and it was flawless. Same with my MR-78 upgrade 
Best for Least: Power strip, what's best?
I use a pair of McIntosh MC-4 ( I think) switchable strips. Tey turn on wth a signal from a McIntosh piece and power about 5 other outlets on the strip. Quality? More interested in the convience and functionality than any nearly inaudible sound di... 
any cheap DAC for my Airport Express?
Besy bet would be to find a Theta Digital Cobalt DAC. Great sound! 
Upgrading to Totem Mani 2's
I run my M2s with the May Audio stands that were made for them. Sand filled. Spiked through the carpet. hard to find them now. Perhaps Totem can give you a lead on them. They are a perfect fit for the M2s 
Upgrading to Totem Mani 2's
I have owned the M2s for some years now, and have enjoyed them with different amps. A pair of Cary 300Bs was magical although at low levels. Read SF's review of the M2s and their comments on the Cary match. I also enjoyed the Pass Aleph 5. Now I a... 
Tubes or solid state for Sonus Faber Grand Piano
I am operating a MC-275-IV into a pair of Sonus Faber Concertos with great results. Although the Concertos are smaller than your speakers, I drive them to quite loud levels and am delighted with the results. I use a REL Stadium III for the very bo... 
Where should I start for computer audio??
Download iTunes, purchase and install an Airport Express, and then master iTunes for a while. Then decide what you ant to do 
Best bookshelf speakers for bookshelf placement
I have a pair of Sonus Faber Concertos built into a case. They are ported to the front. 
Used Preamp for $2000 to $3000
Proceed PRE 
Pre-Amp Reliability -- 4th time mine has conked
Simply McIntosh! 
Do you care about the LOOK???
Yes,Very much so. The Proceed PRE is in my opinion one of the ,ost appealing designs--, same for the whole line. The old Sherwood tube tuners wth their long dials and green lighting. The Dynaco FM-3, very simple and timeless. The MC-275. Yes, I am... 
iPod nano caution: incredibly delicate finish
That is why I bought a white nano. Love it. Sold my mini to buy the nano. Left the protective film on the back till i get a case. Display and all functions OK and I lift with it and do aerobics with it in my pocket or on the stair stepper. Podcast... 
Advice for a tube newbie: McIntosh MC275
My MC-275 runs the fronts of an MX-119 based HT system. It drives a pair of Totem Mani-2s. Quite an experince. I also run a REL Stadium III sub. Enjoy the Mac! BTW, I used to run the same set-up with an MHT-100 and an MC-252 for the fronts. 
What CD players have volume control
Proceed CDP is an awesome player with a volume control operable from the remote. Can play directly into a power amp.