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Sonus Faber CONCERTO-Tube people, how much power..
I have a pair and am using a Dynaco ST-35 (restored and upgraded) with 0.01uF caps in series with the input jacks thereby eliminating all response beneath 80Hz. I use a REL sub for the LF material. Sounds great and plays very very well. Excellent ... 
McIintosh Lovers Only
The MC-60s wil be fine for the SF Auditors. I am running a Dynaco ST-35 (restored and upgraded) into a pair of SF Concertos. I installed a cap in the inputs of the ST-35 so that it doesn't see anything less than 80-HZ, this greatly conserves its p... 
McIntosh MC252 with Totem Mani2 / Sig's
I have the MC-252 with a C-15 preamp and am very happy with it. I drive a pair of Totem Mani-2s and find the 252 to be more than enough power. Mac amps have VU meters with great ballistics and when you listen at normal levels or above, and sit dow... 
McIntosh MC252 with Totem Mani2 / Sig's
Check the power rating for the Mani-2s. Its power rating is 50-200W. Look at the MC-252's power meter and you will see it is pegged at 500W--, and its there for a reason. The Mac amps have very good headroom and can exceed their power ratings for ... 
McIntosh MC402
I own an MC-252 which I use to drive a pair of totem mani-2 speakers. Its a grat amp, rock solid reliable into the totems which are very inefficient. Organ pedals are reproduced with ease. Great amp for the buck, and it is rarely pushed to the lim... 
Best tuner w tubes and remote for around $1000.?
Do a full restoration on a cherry Dynaco FM-3 and you will be amazed. Then get a Creek remote attenuator and enjoy!Pat 
Help Low Freq. From Totems? Is it there?
I have a pair of mani-2s, and the LF performance rivals many subs. I don't even need to run my REL Stadium III sub with the Mani-2s. But, they are not small by any means. 
Mani-2 Sig. Vs. Wind
I operate a McIntosh MC-252 into a pair of Mani-2s and find the bass to be superb, especially the LF material. I run a REL Stadium III sub with a pair of Sonus Faber Concerto's and it blends perfectly. I have used the REL with the Mani-s in a HT s... 
Mcintosh-Bad customer service?
I have bought an MR-85, MHT-100 and an MC-252 all from a McIntosh dealer, Satement Audio in Knoxville. Great service and all three pieces have perfpormed flawlessly. If something were to happen, I need only schlep it back into Statement and they t... 
Apple Airport Express Very Cool Product
I have one too and my G4 Cube and airport base station sends music to it from iTunes. I often stream cooljazz.com to the express and then into the Ht system. Great music before a show starts! 
Attention REL enthusiasts-running stereo REL subs
I use a 1/8" stereo cable to my Q105s from the second line output on my McIntosh C-15. I use this sub with a single Synaco ST-35 amp i have stored and upgraded. The St drives a pair of Sonus Faber Concertos. The vintage speaker taps on the ST-35 w... 
Apple Airport Express, Any Users?
Yupper, I just bought one and am setting it up. I have the Airport base station and a card in the cube. Plan on transmitting mixes to the den 2-ch stereo rather than burning discs. Wonder if I can stream from iTunes to the express? 
REL Q108E, strange review, somewhat confused.
I have the Q108 in my secondary system (a Stadium III in the Ht/primary system). I am very satisfied with it and it does go quite low. It plays with a pair of Sonus Faber Concertos in a small room and I am quite happy with it. No audiophile commen... 
McIntosh MHT200 vs B&K AV508 Vs Separates?
I own an MHT-100 and its a keeper! Absolutely competant in every respect from SACD multichannel to FM reception to 2-channel. It drives an MC-252 for the front L&R. 
What sub do "U" use ?
REL Stadium III for HT and a REL 108Q for the two channel system.