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airport express with i-tunes
Quite simple to install, just go to Apple.com and click on the Airtunes link. I bought one to send music from the computer room to the den. They should start shipping soon. Am running a G4 cube, but it will work with windoze too. I will use the DA... 
Any vets among the Audiophiles here?
USS Archerfish, SS(N)-678. Naval Expeditionary MedalRun silent, run deep. 
Tube amplifier match for Totem Mani-2
I used my Cary 300BSEs on my Mani-2s and loved the sound. But in my case, I sold (am selling) the Carys, keeping the Mani-2s and now using a McIntosh MC-252 in rotation with my ARC VT-100 MkII. The sound with the Cary CAD-300SEs was magical. Regar... 
Tube amplifier match for Totem Mani-2
I drive mine with a McIntosh MC-252 or a VT-100 MkII in rotation. Either does fine for my normal or higher than normal listening levels. either amp has variable speaker taps 4 or 8-ohm. 
Meridian/McIntosh tech help
You might want to go to Rat Shack and get a wall wart that has variable output and polarity. See if that can be configured to send a signal to the mac amp. Then, just plug the wart into a switched outlet on your meridian and you're home. Any tryin... 
Best Line Stage Preamp?
Get thee to a McIntosh dealer and listen to a C-15 or similar. Pretty awesome and rock solid--, the last one you will ever have to buy. buy a McIntosh switched power outlet and you are ready to go. 
Rel Strata III or Storm III owners...
I use a REL Stadium III sub and it integrates very well wth my Sonus Faber Concertos. It is used with a mcIntosh MHT-100 HT receiver with excellent results. As an organ enthusiast and student, the low registers are very inportant to me. The REL re... 
Subwoofers to match Totem Hawk
I run the Totem mani-2s (no sub needed), and the Arros. For the Arros I use a REL Q108 sub. For my HT system which uses Sonus Faber speakers and a McIntosh MHT-100, I use a REL Stadium III sub, all with very good result. As for the Mani-2s, I use ... 
What are your favorite monitors?
Totem Mani-2s driven by a McIntosh MC-252. 
Recommendation needed for four pieces of music
I would also suggest Saint Saens' Organ Concerto. Other than that, these are very good choices. So much music, so little time.'If music be the food of love, play on" Wm. Shakespeare 
My favorite local FM Station is using HD Radio ?
WUOT 91.9 FM here in Knoxville just ended a fund raiser for their addition of digital broadcasts. Their digital signal will be broadcast alongside their analog signal. 
Any tube DACs with tight bass?
Try the Musical Fidelity TriVista-21 DAC. Awesome! 
Powering Sonus Farber's Guaneri Homage speakers
I would suggest a Pass Aleph 5 Class A amp. It will do very well with your Sonus speakers! 
McIntosh MHT200
I have the MHT-100 and like it very much! Excellent power, and bullet proof for the long run. Class, finesse, and superb control. Excellent FM performance too. 
Anyone has a Sonus Faber Grand Piano + REL combo?
Run a pair of Sonus Concertos and a REL Stadium III sub--fantastic for HT and 2-channel. Seemless integration.