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Room Treaments - Where To Begin...
A good quality equalizer is great for correcting room anomalies.   
Products you added to your system in 2021 that made most impact to your music enjoyment
Luxman  L-505UX11 to Rogue Audio Pharaoh.    
If you were looking for a direct drive turntable ...
The Pioneer PLX-1000 for $699.00  is a killer player. Have Music Direct install the Ortofon Blue cartridge for around an additional $200.00  It's a perfect combination. The Pioneer weights close to 30 lbs. Rock solid. Music Direct says it sounds a... 
How do you enhance a bad listening room's accoustics without breaking the bank? thoughts?
A really good equalizer. I've been using one for years. 
That Other Audiophile Website
Whoever cares to listen: I paid a total of $210.00 in shipping charges. I have nothing to show for it. I returned the  cd player to the seller. How many of you are willing to fork over $210.00 of your hard earned money and get nothing in return. P... 
That Other Audiophile Website
I did not ask the seller about cigarette smoke. Nor did he mention it. I trust that people will do the right thing.You can't judge a book by it's cover I guess. 
That Other Audiophile Website
No I did not ask the seller if the cd player smelled like cigarette smoke. He did not mention anything in his ad about cigarette smoke. I did not ask because I trust people, and I believe they will do the right thing. My stupidity. I got burned tw... 
That Other Audiophile Website
It seems like integrity by the seller doesn't matter anymore. 
That Other Audiophile Website
 The Carpathian..You can't smell cigarette smoke by looking at a picture. The seller made no mention of cigarette smoke in his ad. A piece of audio gear can be made of 24kt gold, but if it smells like cigarette smoke it's not worth one red cent to... 
That Other Audiophile Website
That other audio site is trying to perpetuate a squeaky clean image. Other audiophiles have posted having the same problem as me with that web site. I'm not the only one. 
That Other Audiophile Website
I posted so many threads because this is my first time posting. And I don't have any previous experience doing this. 
That Other Audiophile Website
snilf,      I agree. You get ripped off by the seller. And you're treated like the bad guy. I guess being ethical doesn't matter anymore. 
That Other Audiophile Website
When you get ripped off for $1,000 you have a right to complain. 
Tape Loop
Thanks yogiboy I'll give it a try.Tom