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Lampizator DAC Amber crackling noise
Yeah Jackd this a good starting point! Thanks! 
How far away from your speakers are you?
4 and half feet from the back wall. My room is 10 feet wide and 16 feet long. More o less according with Mr. Cardas method. Works fine for me. 
Krell Evo 302e amp shutting down afeter about an hour!!
The Krell Evo amp is capacitor coupled. So, should I measure the DC offset with the speakers connected? 
Acoustic Preference Maestroso 1.0 or B & W 805D??
I am sorry I meant Acoustic Preference Gracioso vs BW 805D!!! 
50 hours of research = 1 amp for Totem Sttaf
I listen to my Staff´s with this way: Computer FLAC files then Benchmark DAC1 USB then an Axiom passive attenuator y the amplification stage is with a pair o Rotel RB-1091 monoblocks. I like the sound very much! (I should mention that I installed ... 
Just what kind of preamplifier section does an integrated amp have?
Well, actually I compared the sound quality (the preamp section) of a Benchmark DAC1 USB driving directly a pair o Rotel 1091 monoblocks versus using a little Axiom passive atenuator. I do prefer by a wide margin the sound using the Axiom! 
Just what kind of preamplifier section does an integrated amp have?
Thanks for your response paraneer I was just wondering about the sonic quality of the preamp section of integrated amps. 
Replacing the speakers link with silver wire
Thank you Alberporter, but no thank you! For I am living overseas. But as you said iit´s not big deal trying! Thanks. 
Replacing the speakers link with silver wire
No. My speakers cables are not made of silver, but I was wondering if there is some advantage in using a piece of silver cable instead of the link, which is made of some cheap material such as bronze. 
Velodyne studio monitors??
Thanks pbnaudio! The monitor I am referring to are at most 2-3 years old, and their shape es trapezoidal like the 901 series from Bose. 
Velodyne studio monitors??
Well I knew they were rare! The seller said he bought them from a recording studio in Oakland, CA. and that they were made by Velodyne  kind of an special order!? Can anyone chip in? 
The next best Tweak ???
Well I tried the tweek with 10000 uF at 25V. This tweek just works very well and I wonder if someone can shed the details about how it woks. 
Expensive cables/connector and solder
Thank you for your responses! I still think that the solder acts as a "bottleneck" as current flows throught the cable, i.e. the copper cables have a conductivity of a 100 and the solder of the order of 40 depending on its composition. In other wo... 
How do vibrations affect the equipment?
Thank you Davehrab!! That was a very good and detailed explanation about vibrations. I am sure that others will benefit too from your insight regarding this "dark" topic. Cheers! 
How do vibrations affect the equipment?
Thank you all for your responses! I still do not grasp how vibrations can affect a SS amplifier (no problema with a tube amp)or rca cables or spk cables or a dac, etc. Can someone explain the physics of this phenomenum?