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loud intermittent pops from DAC, possibly related to long USB cable from computer
I had the same problem! I was using an old computer feeding a Lampizator Dac. I tried a newer computer (2 years old) and problem solved! In my case the popping noises were due to an old USB architecture, so perhaps you should try another computer ... 
The sound quality from DACs - is it all the same?
Hi! I went from  a Benchmark DAC1 USB to a Lampizator Amber DAC. The sonic difference in favor of the Amber Dac was HUGE! Really, everything changed for the best, i.e., more detail, more space between instruments, The soundstage became wider, deep... 
Best Integrated that you've heard under $5k
LFD LE MKIII. I liked very much! Still going after the years.  
Feeding an integrated amp with a preamp
Thank you all for your input! There is nothing wrong with the LFD, actually I like it a lot. I was just curious about the outcome feeding the integrated amp form a preamp.  
Why not use a piece of silver wire instead of a jumper cable?
@oldhvymec I have not try to reverse the direction. I will give it a try. Thanks.  
Any advantage having a 3V Dac output?
Thank you all for your responses! My power amp is First watt F5 unfortunately the manual does not include the info regarding the input sensitivity! 
One Channel of Magnepan Mini Maggie sounds lower than the other
DeKay, I did change the fuse in the bad panel and to my surprise now both speakers play at the same level!!! Thank you very much for your help.R. 
One Channel of Magnepan Mini Maggie sounds lower than the other
Well I check the distance between speakers and walls and everything is symmetric. That is why I have no clue about this imbalance in sound from the mid/high frequency panels.  
One Channel of Magnepan Mini Maggie sounds lower than the other
Thanks Tim for your advise. As it happens, I just changed speakers, and then I notice the imbalance between the two mid/high frequency panels of the Mini Maggies. Everything is the same and the system was working just fine. Same source, rca cables... 
Lampizator DAC Amber crackling noise
Yeah Jackd this a good starting point! Thanks! 
How far away from your speakers are you?
4 and half feet from the back wall. My room is 10 feet wide and 16 feet long. More o less according with Mr. Cardas method. Works fine for me. 
Krell Evo 302e amp shutting down afeter about an hour!!
The Krell Evo amp is capacitor coupled. So, should I measure the DC offset with the speakers connected? 
Acoustic Preference Maestroso 1.0 or B & W 805D??
I am sorry I meant Acoustic Preference Gracioso vs BW 805D!!! 
50 hours of research = 1 amp for Totem Sttaf
I listen to my Staff´s with this way: Computer FLAC files then Benchmark DAC1 USB then an Axiom passive attenuator y the amplification stage is with a pair o Rotel RB-1091 monoblocks. I like the sound very much! (I should mention that I installed ... 
Just what kind of preamplifier section does an integrated amp have?
Well, actually I compared the sound quality (the preamp section) of a Benchmark DAC1 USB driving directly a pair o Rotel 1091 monoblocks versus using a little Axiom passive atenuator. I do prefer by a wide margin the sound using the Axiom!