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Borea Bro8 vs. Emotiva T1+, T2+...thoughts?
Thank you .just ordered the Triangles ūüĎć 
One box do it all
Parasound Integrated 200.. I have one and like it quite a bit. 
Compact Tower Opinions
Lol...I'm getting older...and loud stuff isn't tolerated well at my house anyway. 
Compact Tower Opinions
Thanks for the input...much appreciated. I was thinking that the Forests could be real keepers..if one is willing to work with them. 
Which DAC as a preamp?
Thanks for all the input folks. I ended up with a good deal on a nice peach tree sonadac. Small form factor like the amps...triggers them by remote....running balanced cables...sounds great. I am breaking the amps in, but so far I am VERY impresse... 
Which DAC as a preamp?
More good information folks...thanks so much. I will pull the trigger on something within the next day or two, and we will be off to the races. 
Which DAC as a preamp?
All valid thoughts folks...thank you.¬† Somehow...i think that this will be a bit more challenging than I first thought. 
Class D is just Dandy!
I meant...a Rotel 158x amp 
Class D is just Dandy!
I've owned a total 158x amp and peach tree nova/220 equipment....both sounded great. ¬†Punchy...clean...not strident... ¬†Unless you are into uber-syrupy sounding tubes or something...i can't imagine one not ¬†liking the sound. I have heard that wyre... 
What is going on? No-one buys good stuff priced right.
Market changing....less and less audiophiles....more folks into digital...wireless...class d...smaller..less intrusive equipment. 
Integrated amps...which one to pick?
nope - don't have a Hegel dealer around here.... plus - that one is in the upper $2,000's.¬† All 3 of my choices are between $1600 and $2000 
Who tried Class D only to return to S/S or Tube
Not sure what others have said...but I've really like the Peachtree 220 and Rotel 15 series¬† class D amps.¬†¬†Those 2 are very musical...and no reason to go back to A/B amps unless the configuration of a specific piece is something that you like.¬† P... 
Keep a Krell KST-100
I had a kst-100....and it was a good amp but a bit of a space heater. Dunno...the old boat anchors sound good, but are starting to lose their appeal to me. 
Thiel CS 2 2 vs. Vandersteen 2CE
Depends what you are driving them with as well. I have a Mcintosh 200wpc amplifier driving my cs1.6's and WOW...what a nice combo. I would say that if you have somewhat powerful electronics that are not particularly cold sounding, that the Thiels ...