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Us: hobbyists vs perfectionists vs aural epicureans vs rampant consumers vs bad Buddhists?
@millercarbon, as much as I admire your “Music is one of these physical manifestations of this primordial, impersonal self” turn of phrase, may I say that—as a card carrying Buddhist for decades—one of the fundamental tenets of Buddhism s that the... 
What equipment should I invest in next?
@ghdprentice , I’m actually quite happy with my outfit at the moment to be honest. It’s just there’s money burning a holler on my pockets as it’s wont to do, you know... 
Where does it end?
Where’s the end? ... Death.  
Future of this hobby?
It’s the same refrain in classical music for decades now ... it’s dead. But it’s still going!  There’ll always be people for whom listening is not equal to what comes into your ears while you’re driving, shopping, on a treadmill, etc.Look at it th... 
Microsoft Excel for LP, CD, Tape inventory?
@fmoyer1212, I had the same problem. This is a workaround, not a solution.  I ripped all my CDs and let Roon go at them. Roon’s database is the best I’ve seen, especially for classical.  And it lets you search by composer, artist, label, year and ... 
PS Audio Perfectwave transport still good?
I recently bought the PST (SACD transport) and it is stunning!  Superb clarity and detail. Pair with their directstream DAC through i2s 
Looking for my Final Pair!!
two out three words (depending on how you count): Tannoy Kensington GR 
What equipment should I invest in next?
Thanks all. Question. How can I tell whether the power coming from my home electrical circuit is clean-ish or not?  Thanks!  Note that I’m not well versed in this area.  
Looking for my "last" CD transport
Two words. PS Audio 
Square Buys Majority Share in Tidal
Yeah. You can guarantee that artists won’t make any more money. It’s kinda like when banks always justify a merger by saying how it’s going to “lower fees for customers.” 
What equipment should I invest in next?
@tomic601  hi there,  thanks!  No offense meant with the government work. I have a lot of respect for the civil service and the scientists who work for the govt. My vaccine is one example.   Also my computer science research in grad school was fun... 
What equipment should I invest in next?
@charles1dad he’s in grad school at Juilliard, yes in violin performance. Went to Oberlin Conservatory for his undergraduate. Main reason he went to OC was because he wanted to do a double degree in violin performance and computer science, but the... 
What equipment should I invest in next?
@charles1dad and @mglik Thank you! I really do like the First Watt and the Tannoy. They really work well together. The FW really does have an analogue-ish sound with very little coloring. And the Tannoys really have the same quality plus the conce... 
What equipment should I invest in next?
Thanks all!  Lots to think about and digest.  I’ll ask follow ups as I do research and try out different things. BTW, although I appreciate the ESL suggestion, I’m not investing in any new speakers for another decade or so!  But I’ll still check t... 
Roon ready streamer and DAC convo
Thanks all.  I'm leaning towards the Lumin T2.  Have heard good things about its clarity of sound and neutrality.  Will give it a try.