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What is the best way to play music with DAC/wireless?
I love the Exasound Sigma Streamer/e38 DAC combination. I stream my own music on a NAS, high Res music from a music subscription site, DSD, FLAC, etc. But from an iPad, all you need is Airplay. And it handles AirPlay plus room for expansion.  
Question about Teddy Pardo PSU for my DAC
I have an Exasound e38 for which a Teddy Pardo is recommended. I’ve toyed with the idea of spending money (I’ve got burning holes in my pockets) of getting one, but am not sure how much improvement they’ll make. Anyone have experience? 
Review of most used streaming apps (HEOS, BluOS, Naim, LDS, Linn)
I like Yamaha MusicCast and HEOS  because not only does it support lossless, but also DSD and FLAC.   
DAC's Made in the USA
Exasound e38.  Made in Canada. Isn’t that the same as US?  😂 seriously. I use it for stereo, multi channel.  FLAC, DSD, and everything else. Plus their sigma streamer is fabulous to stream from your local NAS. That’s all I use nowadays.   They hav... 
Tidal vs Quobuz
I know you said that MqA availability is paramount, but if you listen to classical at all and are willing to try differently on the format, IDAGIO and Primephonic are fabulous. I have an IDAGIO high-res subscription and their catalogue is extensive.  
Speaker upgrade for classical music
To all of you: I didn’t realize that there would be so many people with so many wonderful suggestions. Clearly Magnepans, Harbeth and Tannoys among a couple of others are the favorites. Thank you!Some of you suggested I need to update my front end... 
Speaker upgrade for classical music
I did hear the Turnbury. Wow, blew my socks off. The details and imaging were amazing. That’s more of a true Tannoy sound. With the aim of not letting the perfect stand in the way of the good, I’m leaning towards the XT 8F and then upgrade to a “t... 
Speaker upgrade for classical music
To all of you who recommended Harbeth and Tannoy. So I went on a road trip to Taos and checked them out at Sound Science. It was a Harbeth P3ESR and a Tannoy 6f with a Lyngdorf amp. I did like the Tannoy sound better. Don’t get me wrong, the H was... 
Speaker upgrade for classical music
@jon_5912 and @skywachr, I get what you’re saying about spending too much. I’m thinking of spending maybe 3k on speakers (am partial to the Tannoys Or used Graham Audio for now—am going to listen to them today), 4k on pre-amp plus amp. Regarding v... 
Speaker upgrade for classical music
Question about monitors like the Graham Audio LS5/8 vs Ls9/f floor standing speakers. What are the pros and cons of the monitor?  Do I need to add a separate subwoofer?  For classical music maybe not?  But for jazz maybe yes?   
Speaker upgrade for classical music
Regarding the Tannoys and KEF for center/surround combination: how did you decide that KEF would be a good complement?  Curious, since I’m trying to figure out what to look for to pair main speakers with the surrounds. Thanks! 
Speaker upgrade for classical music
Thanks for all the recommendations! This is fabulous. As you can tell, I’m new at this. I did read the LS/9f review. (Can my Marantz power It?) It sounds very interesting. I’ll read about the other recommendations next. Question: One reason I have... 
Speaker upgrade for classical music
Regarding the Marantz. I just happened to have it left over from the living room, and since it has analog in, thought I’d use it.  No one put my system together, just used spare parts. I‘m willing to move from the Marantz, maybe suggestions for am... 
Speaker upgrade
Sorry to bring up a tangential point. I have a foolish question. I’m a violinist and have a decent music system (I think) and a listening room with acoustic treatments etc. But if I wanted To upgrade my speakers, how would I go about to even come ...